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Is not giving a tax break to the rich discriminatory?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (, October 21, 2000


I don't think I'd feel different if I were rich. I think we need to provide services, till everyone has health care and good schools and housing and a life worth living. Period. Tax the hell out of the rich, I say!

-- Sunshyn (, October 22, 2000.

I think maybe it could be a matter of proportion, percentage, combined with common sense. It is obvious to me that a CEO of a corporation who has an income that would feed a small country sure as hell should not have a raise, a bonus plus more stock options when his corporation is losing money. I do think that there should be some limitations. But you know, "The bottom line and the stockholders demands for profit at the expense of every one, including sending work out of our country to increase the profit margin." That philosophy is definitely harmful to the Joe Wage earner.

I do not think it wise to make the taxation so stringent that the incentive to make more money is stifled, which in the long run will hurt the poor and disadvantaged.

Somehow, without any real knowledge, I am sure that accountants and lawyers out the ears, pare down the taxables for the rich to the point that while their income is in the millions their tax is almost nil. Why do I feel that way ?

Human nature geared from our days in the trees for survival tends to make us greedy. And the old bit of, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely," has more truth than poetry in it.

We poor people grab for the freebies, you bet we do, but I guess because we are poor, that attitude should be considered saintly ? ? ?

Being on the fence of pure curiosity is a perilous place, "I wonder, what if . . . . . . ?"

A matter of degree and the hated words, "Common sense !"

-- Denver doug (, October 22, 2000.

I'll leave the question to the two wisest people on earth-my grandparents. They grew up poorest of the poor, but worked their way up in the world and now have a comfortable retirement. While many other retired people are voting to lower school taxes in their community, their always trying to raise it. They say, someone else paid taxes for their schools when they were kids, and the money sure didn't come from their parents. They want to give back what was given them. If the general population was half the hero's that my grandparents are, we wouldn't have so many poor people to worry about. Imagine a world where all well-of people were happy to help others....

-- AJ (, October 23, 2000.


We should give everyone the same tax break. Let's say, for the sake of argument, $1500. Now *that* would be fair.

-- Dirk (, October 25, 2000.

if someone is worth over 35 million dollars they should pay way more fucking taxes then anyone else.they made their money off the common man and they don't give a shit.they just want more more more much is enough you greedy cocksuckers.i don't even want to talk about billionares.if you think you own the world because you are educated or have more money than someone else fuck you.i hope you die in your sleep or someone kills your ass.

-- kyle prescott contarino (, December 26, 2001.

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