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To protect themselves from any further lawsuits, Firestone has begun distributing free protective hats, made from defective tires that were recalled.

If you expect that you may be riding in or passing within 100 feet of a Ford Explorer or any vehicle with Firestone tires, they recommend you wear one of these for protection. They protect the head during a rollover, and shield it from flying tire debris.

Just stop by your nearest Firestone dealer and tell them you want your free "head-job", or call toll free at 1-976-head-job.

-- (, October 21, 2000


I hope they are lined with tinfoil. I had a friend who is an origamist fold me a tinfoil had to protect me from the radiations emanating from a local dish up on the hill. When it is not busy downloading or uploading data to the mother ship, it beams stuff at my office window.

-- Foiler (, October 21, 2000.

LOL, good one!

-- David (, October 21, 2000.

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