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Paris, Friday, October 20, 2000 Another British Train Runs Off the Tracks International Traveler / Update LONDON (Reuters) - The chief of Britain's rail network promised Thursday to put a new emphasis on safety, two days after a high-speed train crash severely damaged public confidence in the country's railways. But his promise came as another train ran off the tracks in central England. Railtrack, which runs the country's rail infrastructure, earlier refused to accept the resignation of its chief executive, Gerald Corbett, but admitted that broken track was the probable cause of an accident Tuesday in which four people died and more than 30 were injured.

On Thursday, the police said an evening rush-hour train carrying 150 passengers had derailed at Stafford station. Nobody was reported injured in the low-speed accident, but its timing was an embarrassment for rail industry leaders, who were meeting in London to chart the way forward after the earlier crash.

Railtrack said the state of the track at the site of Tuesday's disaster - the second serious crash in a year - was ''wholly unacceptable'' and that it should have been replaced.

-- Doris (, October 20, 2000

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