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Hi! When living in The Netherlands, we frequently had coffee served in a "Belgian" Coffee cup. It consists of a cup holder, a glass cup, and a cover which consisted of a metal 3 piece unit which held groung coffee, a seive and a lid. Water was poured into the top half and it dripped down into the cup. This took about 5 minutes and was a good time to converse. We are looking for some of these and, especially a glass cup to replace the one which was broken. It is mfg by Duralex in France. It is about 3" in diameter across the top and about 2-1/2" deep. Help, please. Thanks, Don

-- Don Rehwaldt (, October 20, 2000


Hi Don,

Take a look at the swissgold one cup brewer. It sounds like what you are looking for. Sweet Maria's sells them. Follow the link to see if this is what you are looking for.

-- Daniel Ho (, October 20, 2000.

Hi I was searching google to find out what these 2 items were that I found in my grandmother's basement. You have descibed them perfectly. The bottom glass cup-which is contained in a metal holder is stamped made in france with Duralex in the center. I see this message is old... are you still in the market?? We live in Ashtabula, Ohio. p.s. I don't know what this is???

-- Cinde (, January 16, 2005.

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