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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a querry. I went AWOL from my House 6 years ago, I returned the keys to the estate agant and left the house for them to reposses. I have since been extremely careful about the information I give out and have kept myself off things like the electoral role etc. However recently my family have been receving letters which just say "please Phone X on this number " nothing else just that. One of my family phoned them and the company concerned asked if they new me and my wareabouts, they give no details to my family as to what the nature of there intrest in me is and I doubt its to give me a bunch of flowers ! The company are a collection agent ( I checked the company name and business with companies house). What am I to do, they appear to be doing a random mail shoot of everyone I know, and I feel a bit like im wanted by interpol. Should I "come out of the cold" or should I let them try to find me ? and if so what can I expect ( appart from the wrath of the collection agency).

-- ---- (, October 20, 2000


You can expect pretty much what you see on this site. We would be grateful if you would post to the Q&A board the name of the lender and the collection agency and the telephone number your family were asked to ring.

We'd also very much like to have copies of the letters they have sent to your family to publish.

What you should do depends on your circumstances. You should read the Repossession section, and especially the Dos and Don'ts seciton to get a feel for this.


-- Lee (, October 20, 2000.

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