Rabbit problems (lame new does)

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I started raising rabbits for meat about 8 months ago. I started with a California White buck and 3 California White does and one mixed California White doe. I have been successful in breeding and maintaining my rabbits. My problem is: My uncle gave me two 5 month old mixed breed does and within two days of caging them here, one of them is dragging her back legs as if her spine is broken and the other one is obviously having problems with her back legs. There doesn't appear to be a disease problem since all of his rabbits are healthy. I have not exposed these new ones to my rabbits, yet, just in case. Do you have any suggestions about the cause and cure of this problem?

-- Judy E Simmons (judyesimmons@hotmail.com), October 19, 2000


Response to Rabbit problems

Sounds to me they have indead brooken their backs. Sometimes something spooks a rabbit and it will break its back. These rabbits are in new surrondings and maybe not used to something you have like other animals or a dog or maybe some wild animal came around.

-- Gary Giles (ggiles@north.nsis.com), October 19, 2000.

Response to Rabbit problems

hi we had that problem around here too.we had a couple rabbits get loose well you know how many those couple became.after a year or so we noticed a few who also had this problem. so we had to shoot them.they didn't seem to have broken backs. we also had our old buck come up with this problem and hubby says he didn't have a broken back either.maybe this is something genetic ? we haven't had any problems since we culled out the bad ones. i would suggest culling these as they never seemed to get better and they are probably suffering. cindy

-- cindy young (cin_sue63@webtv.net), October 20, 2000.

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