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Wednesday October 18 10:50 AM ET

'Micro Penis' Briton Is a Woman, Court Rules

LONDON (Reuters) - A Briton born as a man with a ``micro penis'' 53 years ago before having a sex change won a court ruling confirming her legal status as a woman, a written judgement released Tuesday said.

The High Court Family Division decision was made last week by Justice Charles, who refused an application by her second husband to nullify their 1993 marriage because it had not been between male and female since the wife was actually a man.

This was despite the fact that the woman, identified only as ``W,'' ended her first marriage on the grounds that in the eyes of the law she was a man.

Charles told the court that in light of the medical facts as he saw them, ``W'' was now entitled to be regarded as a woman.

He heard how ``W'' was born in the north of England but was of indeterminate sex, having just a ``micro penis.''

She underwent ``gender reassignment surgery'' in 1987 and married for the first time in 1990. ``W'' ended that marriage, having it annulled on the basis she was not a woman.

But when her second husband, whom she divorced in 1997, came to court seeking to nullify the marriage on the basis that ''W'' was in fact a man, she contested the case. Her second husband had wanted to rid himself of the stigma of divorce to enable him to re-marry in a church.

Charles said that had ``W'' been born today her physical condition would not have warranted her registration as a boy. He took into account her ability, after surgery, to consummate the marriage even if she could not naturally have children.

-- (here.come@da.judge), October 19, 2000


Or could it be "Dubya?

-- ("W"), October 19, 2000.

Why didn't he just marry a woman with a microvagina?

-- (, October 19, 2000.

Is this where midgets come from?

-- No tall stories (short@nswers.please), October 20, 2000.

I would imagine that most churches would allow a religious annullment under these circumstances regardless of whether the legal dissolusion was by divorce or annullment.

-- Pragmatist (-@wouldn', October 21, 2000.

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