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Hey, where the heck can I find some Laswell on vinyl? I've got to get some of his stuff on record.

-- Brian DeSmet (, October 18, 2000


Yeah, no shit. There is a lot of stuff i personally like to spin. Release it on vinal and i'll buy the whole damn catalogue O.K.?

============================>>> 1.

-- King Vitamine (, March 27, 2001.


-- Daniel (, December 29, 2001.

I must confess that i agree, there is a lack of vinyl availability with Bill's stuff.

Come on! Slap it on wax for Flux sake ;)

We want to spread the vibes but dont play the CD's.



-- Amanita Muscaria xxIII (, December 22, 2002.

-- fred hodshon (, April 09, 2003.

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