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I'd like to explore the options of learning SQL server and ASP pages, but I don't want to spend alot of money unless I find that I will do well with the technology. Currently, I have started with ASP using MS Access.

What I am wondering, is there any way to practice with SQL Server without buying the software or paying for access to a remote provider (I have the Microsoft Personal Webserver and Office 97 installed on my Windows 98 machine)?

Paul Bentley

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2000



You can get Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Evaluation Edition (120 Day Eval) almost free (only $7.50 for shipping and handling) at: productID=7555&store=TOOLBOX_NA

(Be sure to type the URL all on one line with no spaces!)

Note that this includes SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition which runs on Microsoft Windows 98 as detailed at:

(I have sucessfully run the SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 Personal Edition on my Windows ME machine.)

Have fun,


-- Anonymous, October 18, 2000

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