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I want send him my wishes for a little gere

-- emanuela bognanni (mammaema@inwind.it), October 18, 2000


I have been RICHARD GERE FAN SINCE I WAS ABOUT 18 YEARS OLD. He has been my only favorite actor. This has been a dream come true having him film (MOTHMAN PROFICIES) in my town (Kittanning). I was fortunate enough to obtain his autograph. He appears to be a very kind gentlemen. I have enjoyed reading everything about him,watching all of his movies and have been particularly impressed regaring his BUDDHIST LIFESTYLE and his personal views concering TIBET. The only thing better to happen would be to get the chance to be in the film with him and to talk to him in person concerning different issues.

-- janetjanovsky (janovsky@alltel.net), March 04, 2001.

I too am a huge fan of Richard Gere. I got the pleasure to meet him while filming his new movie,in my town of Bentleyville. Lady, let me tell you he looked so good. He had on A baseball cap, jeans, and a loose fitting shirt with a leather jacket over it. I got to meet most of the cast and crew of the movie, it was a dream come true. He was as nice in person as he seems in movies. yet i failed to get a autograph, bummer, right?

-- Samantha (Cheychey@bentcom.net), March 31, 2001.

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