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I have talked to several people over the last few years about where the turntable from the Albany, GA roundhouse wound up. If anyone has definitive information concerning the table, such as when it was removed and where it went I would appreciate a response. It appears that the concrete pit walls may still be intact. Is/was it common practice to simply remove the bribge and fill in the pit without demolishing the pit structure? According to Prince the turntable was 85 feet. Thanks, Stephen

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (, October 17, 2000


If anyone responded to my previous concerning the Albany turntable, please resend. There was a glitch and I think I may have lost your reply. Thanks

-- Tommy Kinney (, January 16, 2002.

Don't know where the old turntable wound up but am pretty sure it was removed in or about March 1980. I have a photo taken by my dad at this time showing heavy equipment around the turntable site. I was at the site today and there is nothing left to identify the location as that of the turntable. You can't tell if the head walls were left in place or not. Dad retired from the CofG, he never would say the Southern if he could help it, in April 1980 with 38 years service. I will be glad to send you an E-mail copy of the photo if you would like to have it, just E-mail me direct. It shows the old Railway Express office in the background as well as the old terminal building and some old houses that were moved onto the site of the old roundhouse by the current owners, the Thronateeska Heritage Foundation, which has converted the old terminal into a museum. I well remember going to the roundhouse as a kid and remember when it was full of steam engines. Dad was an engineer and I occassionally got to ride with him. I remember what a kick it was to pull an engine onto the turntable and turn it around or pull under the coal chute or water tank and fill up the tender. Hope this helps.

-- Tommy Kinney (, January 15, 2002.


I have no idea what the disposition of the Albany turntable was but I do have a bit of info on it. According to Central of Georgia official list #54 dated 9/1/61 the turntable was in fact 85' long. It shows a series number of 8513. Perhaps this is the equivalent of a serial number as all other turntables listed in this list have differant numbers. As to the Maximum Engines allowed to turn it shows on answer of All classes Diesel Units.

Hope it helps.

Bryan Smith Columbia AL

-- Bryan Smith (, October 18, 2000.

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