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Do you have any rituals? Daily ones? Weekly ones? Special Christmas ones? What must you do without fail or else the world will end?

-- Tim (tim@almigty.co.uk), October 17, 2000


I have ritualistic sayings, or things that I say all the time at the same time. Like, at 12:30 every day, I say, "Guess what time it is?" By now, everyone knows that the answer is 12:30. But the only reason why I know that it's 12:30 is because my pager goes off and it's time to go back to school from our lunch break. So that doesn't really count.

Also, me and my ex-boyfriend, Chris, used to talk on the phone every night, and at the end of every conversation, before we hung up, I would say goodnight, then he would say it, then I would say "sweet dreams," and he wouls say it too, and then we'd both say bye at the same time. I dunno, I guess it was one of those little cutsie things that couples do. Now, whenever I talk to someone at night, I feel like I have to say that, but I have to restrain myself because they don't know that ritual.

I know, I'm stupid.

Why do I seem to be the only one who responds to these? :o)

-- Jessica (essicaj@pacbell.net), October 17, 2000.

The first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to bed are check out weather.com and my email...i know, I know, what a computer nerd!! :)

-- Liz (emiro@siu.edu), October 18, 2000.

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