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Tuesday October 17 11:24 AM ET

Americans Have Sex the Most, Japanese the Least


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Reuters) - Americans had sex most often this year, while older teens and young adults in Japan did it the least, a global survey by a British condom maker said Tuesday.

Americans were also the quickest to lose their virginity but it was the French who boasted of having the most sexual partners, said SSL International, which manufactures Durex condoms.

``On average, people globally are having sex 96 times a year,'' said the company in its survey of 18,000 adults aged between 16 and 25.

``The Americans claim to be enjoying the most sex at 132 times a year followed by the Russians (122), the French (121) and the Greeks (115).''

The survey said young Japanese made love the least often at 37 times a year while Malaysians did it 62 times a year and the Chinese 69 times a year.

Most Dutch people said they learned about sex from their mothers, while the Americans attributed their knowledge to their fathers.

Most Italians said they were told about sex by their brothers and sisters while the French gave credit to their bed partners.

Americans were the earliest to have sex at an average age of 16.4 years, followed by Brazilians at 16.5 and the French at 16.8.

The French also seemed to have the most sexual partners, claiming an average of 16.7 each. The Greeks were second with 15 partners each, followed by the Brazilians at 12.5 and Americans at 11.8.

Indians were the most faithful to their partners, with 82 percent saying they have had sex with just one person.

The survey said 61 percent of those aged 16-20 and 52 percent of those aged 21-24 preferred condoms for contraception. Thirteen percent of respondents said they used no form of contraception at all while eight percent said they used natural methods.

The survey also said that most men thought American stars Madonna and Jennifer Lopez were the sexiest female celebrities.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford and actress Demi Moore were tied for second place. ``Pretty Woman'' star Julia Roberts ranked third.

``Titanic'' star Kate Winslet and former Spice Girl Geri Haliwell were the least desirable, getting just two percent of votes, while tennis ace Steffi Graf was a notch better with three percent.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), October 17, 2000


"I first had sex at age 11. It was scary. I was all alone!"

---Rodney Dangerfield

-- (, October 17, 2000.

Another major REUTERS bulletin.....


-- (
exploiters@Reuters.phoneysurveys), October 17, 2000.

What? Madonna and Julia Roberts are sexier than Kate Winslet? Is this some kind of a sick joke? It's from the Onion right?

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 17, 2000.

We are told these are survey results. I wonder how this survey was conducted? Any even-a-little-bit reliable survey of 18,000 people is expensive. The cheap way is to put a few questions on a little piece of paper inside each condom package and pay postage if anyone bothers to return it.

Are these survey respondents a random sample? Would it ever occur to any of them to (gasp) *lie* about their sex lives? This is entertaining fiction, but still fiction. But I'm willing to believe those who respond to condom surveys prefer Madonna to Winslet. Why not?

-- Flint (, October 17, 2000.

Madonna sexy???

Yuuuuuck, she's a whore!

-- (they.didn', October 17, 2000.

Steffi Graf got 3% with folks in the 16-25 age group? Who ARE these people, and what's the deal with a sex survey that only includes kids? I'm going to complain to the AARP.

-- Anita (, October 17, 2000.

It looks to me like the Americans have learned how to stretch the truth more than a little, no doubt thanks to the shining example of our glorious president.

-- Sociologist (, October 18, 2000.

It's a good thing they didn't ask me. I certainly would have brought the American averages down! LOL

-- Debra (, October 18, 2000.

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