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Data Protection Act - Fight to protect your rights!

I have recently made a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner about the Halifax's use of a "tick the box" form after they had already received the legally required Subject Access Rights Request letter. I stated that I believed this form was intended to limit my rights given to me under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

I have now sent VNU Business Publishing, a leading publisher of information technology magazines and Web sites throughout Europe, the information regarding the Halifax's use of this form and the fact that some other lenders use similar forms and/or charge fees far in excess of the legally required maximum fee.

The news team at VNUNET carry out investigative journalism into all areas of data privacy. If you believe that your lender's response to your Subject Access Rights Request was highly questionable, then I would suggest that you also email:

Include all the facts about your SAR request and she should then forward your email to the news team.

Let us all fight to protect our rights!


-- Tony Hayter (, October 17, 2000

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