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So, what did my dream mean? The ship, the sun, the building... Is this my subconcious' way of telling me something? Or am I just loony?

-- Atara (, October 16, 2000


You're just loony. That's a Good Thing, though. -:)

(Hey, it could be worse... I had a dream last night that I visited Rich Chandler's house and gave him some computer diskettes. I've gotta stop reading AFF before bedtime.)

-- Xydexx Squeakypony (, October 18, 2000.

Oh, Xydexx... Heh. What was on those disks? *grin*

You should wait at least 20 minutes after posting to AFF before sleeping or swimming.

-- Atara (, October 25, 2000.

They were blank diskettes, actually. In my dream, Rich Chandler ran out of diskettes, and since I had more of them than I could ever possibly need, I gave him some. I'm such a nice guy. -:)

By the way, here's some dream interpretation stuff that I found on Hope this helps.

SHIP: This often represents your feelings about your journey through life and what you meet. It can also show what is happening in a relationship. In some dreams it may show hopes of change, new things.

SUN: Symbol of life, energy and spirit. Represents the whole of your being, or source of life and consciousness.

CONFESS/CONFESSING/CONFESSION: Sometimes a confession in a dream comes from a very deep place. It may have a great deal of truth or passionate feelings involved. So it is worth while trying to make contact with the feelings and insights involved.

CASTLE: Feelings of security or insecurity. Your defensive attitudes; the way you defend yourself against 'attack'; past attitudes which may have been necessary in childhood to defend yourself while strengthening your identity. Possibly your way of defending against the remembering or experiencing of childhood pain.

TOWER: Either your attitudes that keep you separate and aloof from people, means of protecting yourself from human contact or conflict, or a way of standing above events and getting a wider view of them.

DOOR: Opportunity, the openings life offers. Also represents an inner opening or realisation of new parts of yourself, new feelings, new ideas. The door can also represent a barrier put between yourself and others, yourself and life, yourself and God. The opening or closing of this door represents the movement of your feelings and attitudes. Death is sometimes spoken of as the other door, birth being the first. The door is also a threshold between one feeling or condition and another. Sometimes it links with sexual feelings as when you 'open' yourself to someone.

-- Xydexx Squeakypony (, October 26, 2000.

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