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Although many of you attended, many of us couldn't (but we were there in spirit!) Please give us the dirt on what went down. Also post pics, we are dying to see them!

-- Come Along Chriss (c@o.c), October 16, 2000


I had the time of my life. What a great group of people. Laughs abounded. Commander Beer Man and Joey must have had a few too many beers before they came, because they decided to make an appearance stark naked, but the joke was on them. It turns out they showed up at the hotel pool (where we were all supposed to meet), the problem was they were at the wrong hotel. The people at that hotel were in shock and obviously lacking a sense of humor. But we managed to bail our comrades out the local jail and had a great weekend.

To the surprise of everyone DMQ showed up, and was actually very funny and charming in person. He even brought gifts for everyone - a can of SPAM, LOL!

Lara is FAT - and I mean to use all capital letters. The Duke of Saipan is quiet, and the Goopster is actually quite intelligent if you can talk to him away from people.

The biggest (and most pleasant surprise) of the weekend was a surprise visit from Gordy MacEnlroe. Turns out he was bicycling through Minnesota on his trip around the world, and he "accidentally" stopped by.

I am looking forward to next year!

-- Pedro (, October 16, 2000.

Oh gawwd! I'm glad to be back. Phew! what a weekend.

After the ordeal with Commander and Joey we all met at Lucy's House of Overindulgence. What a place!! I ordered a steak and I swear they brought me a 1/4 side, dripping in a bath of red wine glaze. After my first toast from a pitcher of margarita (I toasted all those not with us), my memories are kinda fuzzy, but I remember Pedro jumping naked on a trempoline with a bunch of Scandinavian Plantinum Blond Bombs.

And Pedro, I'm not THAT fat! I'm sorry if I broke your leg when I sat on you by accident, but if you ate something more substancial than sprouts once in a while you wouldn't tend to snap like an old dried up twig that you are. But I love you anyway Pedro, you're such a cute wierdo. I loved your nerdy jokes, they were so stupid I couldn't stop laughing and once almost choked on my chocolate bomb cake.

I'm sorry Chriss I can't post the pics I took damnit, I brought my digital camera with me but I sat on that too. They don't make cameras like they used to. I took a good one of Commander Beer Man almost choking to death on his own vomit, after the party. Commander, how do you feel today? ;-)

I have to run to the bathroom (have been all day, with diarhea), I'll post more later. Just wanted to check in.

-- Lara (one@chocolate.too.many), October 17, 2000.

Green can be an ugly color. Tough shit losers, you missed out on a good one. Sorry we didn't fight in Vegas but there's always YOU to fall back on. Put 'em up big guys.

-- Carlos (, October 17, 2000.


rollin' on the floor...

The Dog

-- The Dog (, October 17, 2000.

Deluth? I thought that the meeting was in Newark. No wonder I couldn't find anyone.

-- Troll Detector (, October 17, 2000.

Obviously a scam -- any true Minnesotan can spell Duluth correctly. Probably posted by someone from Iowa.

-- E.H. Porter (Just, October 17, 2000.

For those who missed the Deluth meeting, don't forget to sign up for Gary North's Y2K reunion scheduled for November 31, 1900 in Bumfuque, Arckansaw.

-- (, October 17, 2000.

I finally posted two pictures from the weekend. Here's one of Commander Beer Man, I think he was gawking at one of the Deluth showgirls, known as The Lady Of The Lake. This next one shows me, Pedro, and the Commander sharing a dirty secret. More to come later!!

-- Annie (Annie@gimmeanother.thingy), October 17, 2000.

Hey... How'bout them first place Minnesota Vikings! 6 - 0 !!!

-- CD (, October 17, 2000.

To E.H.Porter:

You have revealed your shocking ignorance of the fact that statistics usually show, on a year-by-year basis, that Iowa is the best educated state in the nation.

A few years ago, Iowa Governor Terry Branstadt (sp?), to celebrate the usual result of the national statistical survey of education, proposed that Iowa license plates carry the motto "Iowa, a State of Minds." Well, who could quarrel with that. If anyone deserves to boast, it is we Iowans.

But the Governor was a Republican, and the legislature was full of Democrats who were nattering nabobs of negativity, who buried the Governor's reasonable suggestion with frivolous counter-suggestions, such as "Iowa, Gateway to Nebraska". So thanks to those petty folks, we still don't have a motto on our license plates.

-- Peter Errington (, October 17, 2000.

***Bumfuque, Arckansaw.***


-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 17, 2000.

Duluth is a nice town if you like being cold. Its really cold in the winter and cold in the summer. Of course lots of snow in the winter and sometimes in the summer. Really nice place!! I should know as I live there 5 years. Great place!! Every been to UMD (University of MN Duluth) Its like a big High School, Every building is connected by tunnel. Never have to go outside. You can leave the Dorm and go to classes without being exposed to the elements. I once heard a guy from the deep south say "The coldest winter I ever expirenced was the summer I spent in Duluth"

-- bill (sticky@2side.tape), October 17, 2000.

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