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Dear fellow readers,

I am researching a business concept and seek objective input from someone who has developed, managed, worked with, etc... loyalty/reward programs. These could range from airline frequent flyer and hotel programs to Internet services such as ClickRewards and MyPoints.

Additionally, I am looking for assistance with some of the business assumptions and financial projections. If you have a referral, I would greatly appreciate any background information you could provide as well. Please indicate if I may use your name as the referrer.

Regards and thank you in advance, Lee Feinberg

-- Lee Feinberg (, October 16, 2000


First of all, I am slightly biased in this area since I accept Frederick Newell's critisism of loyalty programs in Chapter 1 of his book "", published by McGraw Hill. I have attached an information site which you might find of interest: ry/blcustomerprog.htm

-- Mark Zorro (, November 03, 2000.

Lee, I was reading this today and thought it might be of interest to you:

-- Mark Zorro (, November 23, 2000.

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