What is public space?

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After having read the discussion on public art I am interested in how people perceive 'public space'. I am interested in notions of ownership and accessibility.

Does a public square belong to the people? Can 'public space' be enclosed? Is for example an office foyer, shopping centre, art gallery or bar public space? What right do we have to public space? Who are the 'public'? (Do/should all things 'public' cross boundaries of gender, age, class, ethnicity etc.?)

I am equally open to more questions, not just answers. (I am currently working on my architecture thesis and I would be particularly interested in anyone opinion of public space in and around Glasgow).

Thank you.

-- Jon Andrews (jamac2000@hotmail.com), October 16, 2000


Jon, If you are still interested in this topic I am compliling a publication at the moment that lightly tackles the issues of street art in public space, in here, we have published an article entitled PRIVATE PUBLIC SPACE... publication will be off the press on May 7th, if you are intested please contact me!

Regards, Blaise

-- Blaise (ps@circuslabs.co.za), April 09, 2004.

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