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Farrakhan Invites Million Families to U.S. Capital
October 15, 2000 1:25 pm EST

By Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In an echo of the "Million Man March" five years ago, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has summoned those men and their wives, children and friends, as well as Americans generally, to Washington on Monday to show support for families.

For the "Million Family March," organizers hope that families of all races and faiths will converge on Washington's Mall, the long park stretching west from the Capitol, for a day of "atonement, reconciliation and responsibility."

The highlight will be a huge wedding ceremony for 10,000 couples conducted by Farrakhan, similar to the mass nuptials made famous by the Unification Church's Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a recent close friend of Farrakhan's whose group is helping to organize the rally.

Unlike Monday's family event, Farrakhan's 1995 march was aimed only at black men, causing an outcry among mainstream groups because it was seen as exclusionary. Farrakhan's leadership was also under fire at the time because of his espousal of black separatism and his strident anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks.

This time, the mood appears to be less antagonistic toward Farrakhan, who says he would like people of all races and religions to "rise above their symbols" for the family rally.


Farrakhan said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he hoped the march would mobilize families to form "a spiritual and moral, but (also) political and economic, force that we could leverage to bring about real change in the quality of our lives."

Farrakhan said he would speak at Monday's rally about the 70 percent of black children born to unwed mothers. "The family unit in the black community, of all the families in America, is the most troubled," he said.

He called the average U.S. divorce rate for all couples -- 50 percent in the first three years of marriage -- a sign of "the decline of a civilization."

Farrakhan said the march would not endorse a presidential candidate because the four major contenders -- Democrat Al Gore, Republican George W. Bush, the Green Party's Ralph Nader and the Reform Party's Patrick Buchanan -- had not responded to the march's agenda on family issues.

"It would be difficult for us to endorse a candidate that won't even speak to the agenda that we put before them," Farrakhan said. He said that he had not decided himself which he candidate to vote for.


Since 1995, Farrakhan has had prostate cancer and, describing himself as a changed man, appears to have toned down some of his more militant views.

The Nation of Islam is a nationalist religious movement that traces its origin back to 1930. In 1976, Farrakhan led a militant faction into a separatist movement.

Leading black civil rights movements have endorsed the family rally. The Congressional Black Caucus, which did not support 1995's march, is one of the sponsors this time round.

Even Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, the first Jew on a major party's presidential ticket, has said he is prepared to meet Farrakhan, drawing harsh criticism from some Jewish groups.

A host of celebrities such as singer Stevie Wonder, actor Will Smith and tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams are scheduled to attend as well as Jewish, Baptist, Muslim, Lutheran and Pentecostal leaders, march organizers said.

There has been a string of marches modeled on the Million Man March, including a Million Youth March in Harlem, a Million Mom March in Washington against gun violence and a Million Woman March in Philadelphia.

"Our work was not finished in 1995, and so that was why the Million Family March was called," march director Benjamin Muhammad said.


One of Farrakhan's main aims will be to strengthen the institution of marriage, which he believes is steadily being eroded in America, especially in the black community.

"Marriage is the basis upon which the family is built, and unsuccessful marriage causes the destruction of family," Farrakhan said ahead of the 10,000-couple wedding.

Farrakhan invited Moon to the ceremony, but march organizers said the Unification Church leader was unlikely to attend.

Farrakhan appeared at a Unification Church marriage ceremony in 1997 in Washington and has since traveled to South Korea as a guest of the church.

Couples planning to attend the mass nuptials have been offered special wedding packages from the march Web site, including gold or silver wedding bands and a velvet sash for the bride and groom.

The march is taking place in a presidential election year, and Muhammad said he hoped the family event would boost voter registration, an effect that the 1995 march had done among black men.

Washington police are expecting traffic chaos on Monday. Organizers say thousands of buses will bring people into the city and several main streets will be closed.

But they will not provide any crowd estimates because of a controversy over numbers that erupted after the Million Man March. Organizers said then that 2 million men attended the event, while the police said the turnout was more like 400,000. After that, Washington police stopped estimating crowd sizes.

The march will be carried live on Black Entertainment Television as well as in French, Arabic, Spanish and English on the organizer's web site,

-- cpr (, October 15, 2000


Can't stand the fun can ya CEEP?

-- Carlos (, October 15, 2000.

"Another Hater up to no good"

You just characterized yourself perfectly CPR. Besides greedy, corrupt, selfish, hypocritical, right-wing bigots, are there any people you CAN tolerate?

-- (cpr@talking.about.himself), October 15, 2000.

If anyone ever took the time to visit Farrahkan's "Nation of Islam" website a few years ago, they would know what cpr is talking about. Anti-Jew, Anti-white, full of hate. Most Islamic religious leaders denounced him long ago. But you anonymous posters are so fired up against cpr, you'll even grasp even Farrahkan's hand to show that cpr is "wrong." What's next, Hitler was a Saint?

-- FactFinder (, October 15, 2000.

Let's hope Farrakhan continues down this new path of inclusiveness.

This time, the mood appears to be less antagonistic toward Farrakhan, who says he would like people of all races and religions to "rise above their symbols" for the family rally.

-- (prayer@for.peace), October 15, 2000.

I never said I thought Farrakhan was perfect, but do 2 wrongs make a right? Is CPR setting a better example? Hardly.

-- (, October 15, 2000.

CPR and FactFinder are absolutely right about Farrakhan. He will periodically present himself as less of a hater than he's been in the past, but he never really changes.

-- Peter Errington (, October 15, 2000.

Calypso Louie I understand has/is being teated for cancer. Maybe this will be his last march.

-- ~~~~~~~ (, October 15, 2000.

For someone making accusations about others being "... anonymous ...", FactFinder seems like an unusual sur & family name - don't you think?

Likewise, "aren't you'll even grasp even Farrahkan's hand" and what he is advocating - a little - by using CPR's posting as a vehicle to slam someone?

Your hate is coming through, too, "What's next, Hitler was a Saint?" Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting - even a Dove fought for what he held dear!

-- Crypto Byte (, October 15, 2000.

An offer to follow Farrakhan and his new "inclusiveness?"

Thanks, but pass. Why?

Farrakhan's Muslim Program at his Nation of Islam website.

A sample from his groups paper "The Final Call" (they were even worse years ago, not sure if all backissues still online):


FBI goes fishing again

Historically, Black leaders have been targeted for destruction by the U.S. government. From Black nationalists like Marcus Garvey to civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Blacks have been the crosshairs of the government since we've assumed political offices.

The government wanted Chicago's first Black Mayor Harold Washington and sent a convicted killer to entrap him, but it didn't work. They wanted Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry out of the way, and they were successful for a moment.

Whether they are threatening or not, the fact that the political leader is Black is reason enough to keep him or her destabilized-- thus keeping him or her from consolidating power--by harassing and/investigating them.

Atlanta's Mayor Bill Campbell seems to have attracted the government's attention. Recent reports say that the government is snooping around Mr. Campbell's friends asking them to give up--or perhaps create--some dirt on the mayor.

Once such friend, Atlanta Civil Service Review Board Chairman Fred Prewitt, was dragged in by authorities, according to the mayor, and told to give up some incriminating evidence on the mayor. When the 72-year-old Prewitt could not give them what they wanted, the government indicted Prewitt on three counts of income tax fraud.

Two weeks later Prewitt's wife died of a massive stroke, more than likely due to the added stress placed on her family by the unjustified FBI probe.

Incredibly, the FBI also did not inform Mayor Campbell about a $20,000 offer made by Michael Childs, a strip club owner, to injure Mayor Campbell. Mr. Child's reportedly was later charged in a federal indictment with paying to have three competing strip clubs torched.

Over the last quarter century, according to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington think tank, 15 percent of the 70 congressmen who have faced criminal charges were Black and minorities. That's four time their percentage in Congress.

And with the changing demographics of the country, Black and Latino office holders---by virtue of their increased numbers in population of their community--can become even more threatening as the possibility for united efforts will allow them to take power in many instances in the future.

So it's clear that Black elected officials will continue to get the government's attention far more frequently than their white counterparts. Our politicians must keep the FBI at bay by being the moral and upright politicians fighting for the little man that they promised they would be when they campaigned for office. ----------

-- FactFinder (, October 15, 2000.

I'm no expert on Farrakhan, but I did see him on TV once, and I did not get the same impression that some of you have. Perhaps you are prejudiced toward blacks?

People often have to fight for their rights, but this does not necessarily mean they are "haters". I have heard a LOT from CPR though, much more than I actually wanted to hear, and he is the most hateful person I have ever known.

-- (, October 15, 2000.

A topic certainly worth discussion but I think you're missing my little buddy's thrust.

CEEP aint posted a new thread since thursday. Picks a uiversal target today.

Did the Vegas post get in the way there Charlie? Might get some attention maybe? Can't stand it? Didn't have the huevos to show?

-- Carlos (, October 15, 2000.

Here's Farrakhan's group explaining the Jewish "rift": http://www.fina

I am not convinced of any "inclusivness" here, even with Farrakhan's own words and "explanations."

Perhaps you are prejudiced toward blacks? Perhaps, but having voted for a black man in the Presidential Primaries, I'm not a very good bigot. Hey, here's another possiblity for you to consider - perhaps Farrakhan is prejudiced towards whites and Jews. In fact, I conclude that as the most likely fact, based on the man's own writings. Now I ask for your evidence in my writings that I am prejudiced towards blacks - being prejudiced towards Farrakhan's bigotry doesn't count. And yet another possiblity - that you are very, very, gullible! Even though you fear using a real email address, you may at least want to consider getting/using your own pseudonym, instead of the one with cpr's name in it. You deserve your own ;)

-- FactFinder (, October 15, 2000.

I can't see anything in the Reuters press release that is unappealing. If the event truly is a simple appeal for family values, then what is the objection? If it is something more sinister, then that will be obvious soon enough. Give it a chance, just don't give it any money.

-- Lars (, October 15, 2000.

"Hey, here's another possiblity for you to consider - perhaps Farrakhan is prejudiced towards whites and Jews. In fact, I conclude that as the most likely fact, based on the man's own writings. Now I ask for your evidence in my writings that I am prejudiced towards blacks - being prejudiced towards Farrakhan's bigotry doesn't count."

Doesn't count??? LOL

It may not count in YOUR mind, but from where I sit, that is precisely what DOES count! You have your mind made up that Farrakhan a bigot towards whites and Jews, and THAT IS YOUR PREJUDICE!!

If Farrakhan feels that certain groups of people are creating obstacles to the rights of blacks, then he is entitled to speak up about his views. That does not mean he is prejudiced, or a "hater" of those people.

Maybe he has valid evidence that this is actually occurring. Do you have any evidence that Farrakhan is a bigot? Please prove it.

-- (, October 16, 2000.

Doesn't sound like a hate group to me. I think CPR has a problem in that he projects his own mentality onto others. The rest of the world is not as hateful as he and his right-wing bigot friends like Shrubya. It's really sad that they assume others are as rotten as them, and they don't see the hypocrisy in their own actions.

-- (, October 16, 2000.

Browse through Farrakhans website before you decide to go, the links I provided above will take you there. The guys a bigot, a fraud, and I won't be attending - to do so would lend him credibility. You are free to attend, oh ever changing name anonymous poster. Just don't try to paint this event as "pro-family", just like the feedback on the last march, it's "pro-Farrakhan".

-- FactFinder (, October 16, 2000.

Prove Farrakhan is a bigot? Nothing easier if you know his history.

As just one example, for years he and other top speechmakers in his organization have claimed that the majority of the slaves in the pre-Civil War South were owned by Jews. This is clearly a deliberate morphing of another quite separate view, that the majority of Jews in the South at that time owned slaves. The latter claim I think is possibly true, based on the behavior of prosperous whites of that time. The former claim is akin to the lies told by the Nazis using the "Big Lie" technique.

-- Peter Errington (, October 16, 2000.

Shrub is an illegal alien who came here to impregnate white girls and stiff them out of their fare share of abortion money. But, you guys choose to ignore this and instead attack a man who is trying to make a difference in this country. Shame on you.

-- (, October 16, 2000.


You are right more often than wrong. Please keep posting.

Can you exume more pre-Rollover posts (TB2000) from the wacks? They're great.

-- (r@nd.h), October 16, 2000.


Where have you been? CPR and Andy Ray having been doing exactly that for 9 months. It gets old in a hurry.

-- Lars (, October 16, 2000.

r@nd.h = cpr

Just patting himself on the back again, since no one else will.

-- (losing@his.marbles), October 16, 2000.

Whether pro-family or pro-Farrakhan, seems whites voted with their feet (firmly planted at home); I looked carefully for one pale face in the crowd on the Mall shown on CNN, and the palest I could see was one Indian chief on the panel of leaders.

-- (, October 16, 2000.

You got a problem with black faces, FOOL?!!

You gonna be one pitiful fool when I finish with ya!

-- Mister T (i'm comin over @ there. fool), October 16, 2000.

What happened at today's march...

Million Family March

-- (, October 16, 2000.

angry people-say-angry things!!! get to the =ROOT!!

-- not surprised!!! (, October 16, 2000.

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