I Want to See Pix from LV!!!!!!!!

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Did Anita ever settle the makeup question? Did anyone get thrown in the pool? Gee, I wish that I knew the answers to these pressing questions.

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), October 15, 2000



-- (me@again.whatever), October 15, 2000.

This pic will have to do till the Vegas crew gets back online...


-- (Las@Vega.s), October 15, 2000.

It was great. We even got capnfun tipsy enough friday nite to be launched on one of those bungee slingshots. Pulled 4.5Gs straight up. He didn't even throw up. Better stories to follow when the better story tellers get home. It was great.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), October 15, 2000.


Who all made the trip?

-- Debra (Thisis@it.com), October 15, 2000.

Sounds like a good time there, Carlos. Like Debra, I'm curious as to who went...a half dozen people, representing maybe 20 screen names? lol :)

Also wondering if cpr and KOS went...now there's an adventure...

-- FactFinder (David@bzn.com), October 15, 2000.


Let's see. Bingo, capnfun, Aunt Bee, Flash, Cin, Dan the Powerman, Anita, Trish & Doc and my universally acclaimed beautiful daughter Carlita (aka Carrie).

The capn was the sparkplug for fun. Never did anyone pick a beter online name. He brought a case (12 bottles, count 'em) of superb wines. I didn't know he was in the wine biz but he is. Dumpster pickers on Sunday must have thought the Venetian Restraunt did a big upgrade on their list.

AB is a riotous good time. Who would have guessed? A laugh that gets everybody laughing. An absolute sweethart.

Flash. What to say. A gentleman funster from whom I will grab the next check.

Patricia (Trish I learned), an execellent hostess and Doc was OK too.

There's more of course. More things about people (cin is TALL) I'll leave for the rest of the crowd.

It was GREAT!

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), October 15, 2000.


Pics will happen when the capn gets home. Maybe Tuesday.

Apologizies to Flint. I brought the Texas Rangers cap but forgot to bring it to Sat nite's dinner.

This doesn't mean crap to anybody else but I had had promised Flint a photo w/ the cap.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), October 15, 2000.

Hey everyone...I was there for the Saturday night get-together, and I took a few pictures of the whole gang. I'll try to post it Monday, but if not, it will have to wait until Saturday (out of town on business).

No, David, CPR and KOS were not there. They were discussed, however :).

There was a Friday night event and Sunday brunch, so those who attended that can help....

In summary, I had a great time....more later...

-- Dan the Power Man (dgman19938@aol.com), October 16, 2000.

"...CPR and KOS were not there. They were discussed, however :)."

Gawd, to be a fly on a slot machine, and be able to overhear such praising...

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 16, 2000.

It was GREAT FUN!!! We've just got to have another one soon! Those who couldn't attend were sorely missed and had best show up next time. I got to sit near Patricia and she was the life of the party. Doc was a close runner up. CAP, the wine was great! I could only find Carlos and his beautiful daughter and then Cin and her sons on Sunday morning at the Mandaly bay, so finally headed back up to the Sahara for some serious gaming and got relieved of 200 bucks. I think everyone else must have been hung over! The Mandalay bay is HUGE inside and so I wandered all over trying to find the Concierge and then sort of got lost trying to find the garage again! You know us guys, we hate to ask for directions! CD, I was thinking of you as I appreciated all the cute ladies serving drinks.

Best wishes to all, and special thanks to Doc and Particia for coordinating things.

-- Flash (nazflash@northlink.com), October 16, 2000.

P.S. Sorry for all the typos. My head is still spinning! Flew low on 4 wheels back over Hoover Dam and made the best time ever returning home. Good thing all the cops seemed to be on coffee breaks!

-- Flash (nazflash@northlink.com), October 16, 2000.

CD, I was thinking of you as I appreciated all the cute ladies serving drinks.

LOL Flash.

Glad to hear you had a good time (in spite of dropping the $200). By the way, I'll be in Vegas in two weeks. Curious if you might be planning a return trip during that time?

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), October 16, 2000.


Keep me posted. The email address is real now. It's hard for me to plan much in advance lately, but I'd jump at the chance to zip back over and win that $200 back! It would sure be fun to meet you!

I think that the L.V. gathering had an additional positive effect beyond the fun and new friends that were made. Being together and breaking bread (not to mention partying) helps break down a lot of barriers and preconceived notions and I suspect that even some of the more "antagonistic" posters here on the forum might turn out to be interesting people if we were to meet in real life. I hope that as time goes on more and more of us can meet. Las Vegas is, of course, an easy place to get people to visit. I really enjoy visiting it and there are a lot of interesting places that I've yet to see.

Best Wishes...

-- Flash (nazflash@northlink.com), October 16, 2000.

As we drove to Circus Circus on Friday night to meet up with Bingo, Capnfun, Aunt Bee, Carlos and Carrie, I noticed one of the largest, most beautiful full moons I have ever seen in my life. It was just rising and so took up a large portion of the night sky. I got a really good feeling from it, but I couldn't help but think that just a year ago, this same group would most likely never have done this. I mean, there was so much hatred and so much vitriol spewed from both sides of some assinine "debate", and now here we were, about to come face-to-face with "the enemy" who, of course, were no longer "the enemy". How would we all react to each other?

I tried to recall pictures I'd seen, descriptions that were given, a "look" they might have, and while I did see a good many people who could have fit the descriptions, I knew it wasn't them. We decided to step outside the door and Doc points to a guy in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, with a kick-ass camera dangling from his neck, and says, "Is that Capnfun?". I looked over and said, "What the hell -- let me go ask".

Well, it was him -- and Bingo and Aunt Bee, too -- and Carlos and Carrie were soon to follow. It was the beginning of one of the best weekends I've spent in a good, long time.

I cannot describe the closeness and friendship we all felt towards one another. The laughs-a-minute we shared thanks to Capnfun and his sense of humor, Aunt Bee and her wonderful laugh, Carlos and his "Westward Ho" hotel horror story, and my propensity for pointing out the stupidity in a town whose reputation is pretty much based in stupidity.

We began with a walk up the Strip and decided to grab a bite to eat. Several beer orders later, we resumed our walk. We stopped at Treasure Island to watch the pirate ship fight show they have. It was tacky, but spectacular (if that makes any sense). We began walking back towards Circus Circus when we came upon Screams, a gyroscope-looking "ride" with two seats, attached to two poles by large bungee cords. I knew someone in our little group would have the cahonas to do it, and capnfun did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the tape stuck and he wasn't able to get the videotape of himself on the ride. But the rest of us have the memory of seeing his smiling face being shot into the air ("0-70 in 1 second", "4.5 G"). There wasn't much that could equal the first night.

Well, I was wrong. It was Saturday night and The Big Dinner, and that topped all possible expectations. I raised a toast to Lars (you were definitely missed), my friend Peg in New England (I figured she was sitting home saying something like, "what time is it? what do you think they're doing now?!?!?!"), "hmm" ("it's not the odds, it's the steaks"; well, we didn't have any dice and we didn't have any steaks, but your toast had the intentioned effect), and to all the Absent Friends who could not be with us (there were more individual toasts, but it gets a little fuzzy...as you can imagine [g]).

For me, one of the funniest parts of the weekend was on the drive over to the restaurant Saturday night. I brought along a friend/colleague and I was trying to explain the set-up to her -- the Y2K "debate", the "polly/doomer" stuff, the "screen names" versus "real names". She was kind of confused (and probably thinking, "what the hell did I agree to here?!?!"), but this morning when I asked her if she enjoyed herself, she couldn't stop raving about what a great time she had, what a great bunch of people it was, etc. She remembers most people by their "screen names"!!

Capn, my Capn.....I can never thank you enough for your generosity (and exquisite taste!) for the wine. Aunt Bee, you are one of the dearest, sweetest, funniest people I have ever known. Bingo, I hope your opinion of the town changed over the course of the weekend, but you sure looked to me like you had a great time ;-) Carlos and Carlita (what a beautiful name), it was such a pleasure meeting you both. Carlos, I didn't think it was possible, but you are even more of a gentleman IRL. Flash, I still cannot get over your extreme generosity in picking up the dinner tab. Next time you're in town, give me a call so I can reciprocate. Dan, that crossword puzzle is hilarious. There was one answer none of us could figure out (the "granny glasses" clue). cin, I was so happy you were able to make it, but sorry that I did not get to meet your boys. Anita, what can I say? It was fun having you stay with us (and all the little doggies loved you, too). You're always welcome in our home.

As Flash said, I hope that more people will try to do things like this. It really does break down barriers and pretty much kills any stereotype we may have about each other. I'm already looking forward to the Spring Fling in the East (so you East Coasters out there, get working on it!!).

Thank you all; because of you, it was one of the best weekends I've ever had.

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 16, 2000.

Wow, Patricia, thanks for the recap. It sounds awesome!

-- Maria (anon@ymous.com), October 16, 2000.


Well said! My only regret is not getting there on Friday, as I had originally planned. You and Doc were such great hosts! My funniest moment was when I picked your friend Melissa out of everyone else to introduce myself to first and ask "are you a friend of Ed Yourdon"? Of course she didn't have any idea what I was talking about. Fortunately Anita was next to her so things went more smoothly afterward. It was sure an evening to remember, and I look forward to more of them. I'll definitely give you and Doc (I still like to call him that) a shout before long when I get back over your way. I've got a date for a rematch with the Sahara!

Best wishes to you and all my new-found friends. Thanks all, for such a great time!!!

Best Wishes...

-- Flash (nazflash@northlink.com), October 16, 2000.

my friend Peg in New England (I figured she was sitting home saying something like, "what time is it? what do you think they're doing now?!?!?!")

THAT'S ABSOLUTELY CORRECT..sniff, I was crazy waiting for the weekend to be over so I could hear about it...selfish?...yes!

I'm glad everyone had such a GREAT TIME...now I wanna see some pics...please :)

-- Peg (em@i.l), October 16, 2000.

Yes, nicely written, Patricia! Thanks so much for the description. Sounds like you all had an excellent time.

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), October 16, 2000.

I really wish I could have been there Friday night. Carlos wouldn't pop for MY bungy ride on Saturday, since he'd already seen someone do it. That damn Capn'Fun!

I was talking so fast to SO about the weekend that his head started to spin. [Spend a weekend with Patricia some time and your normal mode of speech will speed up considerably...something like 13 stories in as many minutes.] He WAS shocked that I'd met my match in beer drinking. Aunt Bee and Capn'Fun could knock them back faster than I by far. SO was AMAZED. Of course they also beat me in the long- distance drinking event. These two were gambling and drinking until 5:30am most every night, and were perkier than everyone else the next morning. I'll have to save the scandalous stories for another day, as I must get ready for class soon.

There were 10 of us from the forum, and three friends at dinner on Saturday night. There wasn't one obnoxious person in the group [giving my thanks to any obnoxious people who didn't come.] Let's not forget that Flash's friend, George, is looking for a good woman. He's easy to look at, an interesting conversationalist, and lives near Las Vegas. Flash can provide more details, but this should be an easy slot to fill.

Like Patricia, I was impressed. I've never seen so many fun, generous, pleasant people together in one place. I liked EVERYONE. It was TOO strange.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 16, 2000.

I forgot to answer the questions you asked, kb8. I packed makeup, but I left at 5am and my eyes opened somewhere over the Grand Canyon, so I couldn't see to put it on before I arrived. After Patricia and Stephen and I shared some time together, Bingo picked me up and we went to meet the others to see what we'd do for the day. The bottom- line is that I forgot all about the makeup I'd packed, and we never came anywhere NEAR a pool, although I DID pack a suit [and do the appropriate bodily..AHEM] By the time Saturday night's dinner came, I figured there was no reason to look like someone else, so didn't even bother.

As soon as I pay off the plane fare for this one, I'm going to put a little money aside each month for the next month. These events are simply too precious to miss.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 16, 2000.

"[giving my thanks to any obnoxious people who didn't come.]"

You're most welcome. I would have beaten everyone at beer drinking and charisma. I also can talk faster than anyone at any party, and I'd have jumped the bungie naked. (That's only if Unk wasn't there ofcourse.)

-- (smarty@wannabe.one), October 16, 2000.

I figured that Cappy was the type I could get into a lot of trouble with, sounds like I was right. Thanks for the recap Patricia, I really regret not being able to make it, so much for life being like a box of chocolates. Hey Smarty, I'll bungee nekkid if you will.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 16, 2000.

Naked bungee jumping can be very dangerous. Well, it all depends where you tie the harness. I learned alot at Royal Gorge.

Thanks to everyone for the stories so far and thanks Patricia for the toast. I had the oddest shiver at about 7:00 CDT. I wonder if.....

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Some Soc scholar should write a PhD thesis on the dynamics of Internet friendships.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), October 16, 2000.

The icing on the cake would have been Ladylogic showing up.

-- ~~~~~~~~ (~~~~~~@~~~~~~~.com), October 16, 2000.

Hey yaw'll!!!

Oh where to start???

Fridays lunch at the great Indian restaurant(thanks Bingo,excellent suggestion) attended by Carlos,Carlita,Aunt B,Bingo and myself was just a portense as to what a great weekend it would be.We were cackling up a storm before we even made it to the restaurant,it seems Bingo is VERY well known in Vegas because they had signs everywhere seemingly knowing he was coming to town or wanted him to eat or stay at their place,what a hoot.The food was great and the company even better,laughter abounded and we quickly knew we were in for one hell of a good time.Aunt B's laughter is infectious to say the least and begs for all to ROFLAO!!! The quips and jokes flowed seamlessly one into another,a constant segue of perpetual entertainment.The wit was amazing as we all howled looking and discussing the giant horse testicles(with horse attatched) that were painted on the walls,still LMAO.

It was a pleasure to meet them/you all,what a great bunch of people!!! Carlos' daughter Carlita I'm glad you came along as it was great to see you laugh at our silly banter.Carlos,a gentleman,a scholar and a damn good guy.Bingo,a gentlemans gentleman one of the most thoughtful,thought provoking and kind people I ever met.Aunt B,what can I say...a fine woman and one hell of a runnin',gamblin',drinkin' buddy, we never wasted one moment,living the weekend to the hilt,my face hurt from the laughter that she inspires,not to mention the dozens and dozens of Budweisers we consumed.

And that was just the 1st part of the 1st day!!!!!!!

Friday evening/night was still another banner event as we met Pat and Doc,our most gracious and kind hosts.Doc,I'll have to fess up and tell ya,I expected Paulie Shore to come bounding out but instead found a really cool,laid back and congenial fella,thanks for not holding my Libertarianism against me ; ) Pat,again how wrong my/our pre- conceptions can be.I do like that New York style of blatant honesty and 100 mph FUN,as genuine as the day is long,ya gotta love it.

Fiday night was a BLAST as we all ventured out into the night on the strip.Dinner was a riot in the 1st degree and the stroll up the strip was invaluable as we each took turns conversing and laughing with each other sporadically,kinda like a tag team of good times between each of us,enjoying and getting to know our online acquaitances that were quickly turning into new found friends.

Carlos; Thank you for the killer ride,it was MOST EXCELLENT!!!. BTW Anita,If we ever find our ourselves in a similar situation I got the tab on any thrill ride of your choice,same goes for you Carlos.Maybe parasailing???

Saturday: What a fantastic gathering yaw'll,I enjoyed so much your commisseration,partyin' with ya and shakin' your hands or hugs,it was really cool.I think that the FUN had by all negates anything that may have happened in the past,I personally don't think that this is the case with *us*,having the ability to just say "fuck it,gotta beer?"

Flash;thank you very much for the dinner,THAT blew my mind!!! I look forward to oneday returning your generosity.

Cin,I wish we could have shared your company more but it was pleasure meeting you.

Dan,Michelle; again,I wish we ALL could have had more time,maybe next time?

More later,I gotta get some rest.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 16, 2000.


I'm thinkin' that what you posted was with tongue in cheek, but I must say that I enjoy your posts and would LOVE to meet you in person. You're one helluva woman! [Yeah...I KNOW that you posted something about not being interested in meeting anyone from the forum in real life, but I still think it would be cool.]

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 16, 2000.

Okay, kids, I just posted two photos over at the anexa site. Enjoy.

-- Dan the Power Man (dgman19938@aol.com), October 17, 2000.

Could you offer a link to the "anexa" site, please?

-- Clues (Are@nice.com), October 17, 2000.

That was a fine recap, one and all! Let me see what was left out... First, thanks to Bingo for chauffering and coordinating things at the hotel (and thanks for the other things too). Trish, I can hear the Brooklyn accent when you post now (LOL)! Thanks for your efforts in making it really happen. Truly, new friends were made. Capn thanks for the "shits and giggles" - you are a riot! Truly a par-tee guy! Dan, nice pix! And thanks for electric co info. Flash, you were very generous. Dinner is on me the next time you're in town! Carlos, good talking to you in chat last nite. I meant every word! Anita, you were lots of fun!

Which brings me to one important thing that was left out. Anita brought two cute dolls, a male and a female. She said they had been sitting on her computer, and were a gift to her. She thought it would be a good idea to pass these on to Oxy, as they could be representative of the boys and girls on TB that she could have on her beside as a reminder (as opposed to a candle holder in the hospital- oxygen danger, you know). We also, wrote a few words of comfort to enclose with the dolls. I will send them off with a get well card. We did want to lift her spirits and let her know we were thinking of her.

All in all, enjoyable weekend! One I would wish to repeat!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.

P.S.-hey capn! Where are your pix?

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.

P.S.S. Cin, how could I forget you? Yes, our time was too short! Sorry I missed you at Mandalay Bay. Had a previous commitment.

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.

I have emailed the link for this thread to Ty, Oxy's son who lives somewhere in metro Tampa. I asked if he would please bring her print-outs of the thread when he visits her. She is still in the hospital, I don't know more details.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), October 17, 2000.

Hi all,

Well,after 16 hours of much needed sleep I set about to view and post the pics.Out of all the pics I took only 4 are viewable,something is much amiss with my cam.I sent the 4 pics to Patricia to post at anexa as the site I was going to post at is having trouble as well,when it rains it pours.I double checked the cam today and it wasn't me screwing up,pixels are missing and or badly smudged.

The cam will be in tip-top shape by the spring fling,I promise.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 17, 2000.

Here are the two pics from Annexa transferred to Photopoint. Aunt Bee and Carlita were hidden well. Next time, we'll put a spotlight on Capn, or seat him up front.

LV pics by Dan the Powerman

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.

Thanks Anita,

I thought I was being a good boy,staying out of the spotlight ie. no nekkid table dancing,wild conga lines etc.

I'm gonna have to go back to work just to get a little rest,I feel like I have had my ass soundly kicked but it was definetly VERY MUCH worth it!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat : )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 17, 2000.

I'll post those pictures on Anexa later and I'll send them to Anita so she can post them on PhotoPoint as well.

Jeez, then we'll be all over the 'Net!!

(And maybe *I'll* be in "tip-top shape" by the spring fling as well -- LOL!)

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 17, 2000.

I hope you really do have a spring fling..on the East Coast...!! Can we start talking about it now? Huh, can we??

-- I need a Fling in Spring!! (kritter@adelphia.net), October 17, 2000.

"I thought I was being a good boy,staying out of the spotlight ie. no nekkid table dancing,wild conga lines etc."

Heh. I seem to remember a few people joining a conga line on Sunday night, but no one had a camera. BTW, did you suffer any consequences from your "Y2k" stunt? Patricia and I thought for sure the Circus, Circus cameras would catch that one and you'd get kicked out of there.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.


You look very familiar. Ever lived in Austin, Tx???

If not, you may have a twin somewhere....

lickin' the monitor...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.


ROFLMAO!!!,I almost forgot about that,didn't think bout those cams,no harm no foul except for maybe moi.The timing couldn't have been better though as you two were the only ones to turn and all the traffic was headed with you in your direction and I was hidden by that giant post.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 17, 2000.

The Dog,

You need your tounge neutered..lol


I'll bite...what sorta Y2k stunt could you have possibly have pulled?


Wanna be on the planning committee for the Spring Fling...seems like I'll be needing some HELP!!! Maybe we should start with a new thread and get some ideas of kewl places that people would like to visit. You first...heh..heh!

-- Peg (em@i.l), October 17, 2000.

Enjoyed the stories. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Wish I'd been there.

Oh, by the way capnfun. I took a message while you were out...

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel called. Something about how they couldn't decipher your bride's handwriting. They want you to write them and verify the address to which you want the video of your nuptials sent. They said you can reach them through their website...

http://www.vivalasvegaswed dings.com/

Hmmm. Something you aren't telling us about Capn? Just how drunk did you get!?

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), October 17, 2000.

Absolutely Peg! I wouldn't suggest Atlantic City, it's pretty boring compared to Las Vegas, unfortunately. New York City can be fun, but is ridiculously expensive..but there is so much to see and do there. Emma suggested Hershey Pa., someone else mentioned Philly Cape May/Wildwood is a great place for fun and partying and shopping, but only in July/Aug. That does it for this area. Williamsburg, Va is a suggestion...anyone have anyplace good to suggest along the eastern shoreline? Florida is a 20-24 hour drive for me, but I've done it before..I could do it again if I had to. Epcot/Mouse House?

-- In need of flinging.. (kritter@adelphia.net), October 17, 2000.


Seems as if a "full moon" appeared inside the hallowed halls of Circus- Circus ; )


Damn!!! I knew I had a great time... but not that great a time.Maybe she can drop me an email and a pic and we can get together in LV for an anullment or a second honeymoon,theres those moons again : )


Yes!!! I wish you and everyone had made the pilgrimage,we wouldn't have gotten into that much trouble,though apparently I did,according to CD,hehehehe.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 17, 2000.

I took a day job and will apply for an additional night job this week just so I can get the $$ together for the next gathering. You'll have to send someone to wake me when it's time...

-- helen (a@b.b), October 17, 2000.

I think Hershey PA is good, they have a real nice amusement park there, but I am not sure if the park is open before summertime. NY is hideously expensive, and I have seen the Statue of Liberty already, hee hee.

I'll throw out Orlando as an idea, plenty of things to do there, Didney Whorl, Church street station, oh yeah, and for the boys, Rachel's ;-) Plenty of hotel rooms, that's for sure.

I will be at the next get-together by hook or by crook, damn the torpedos, full steam ahead, I regret that I have but one life to give, yadda yadda yadda. The only bad dates for me are April 19th-23 as I am surprising the Mrs with a special present for her birthday, and around the 20th of May I have a wedding to attend for a guy who I had given up hope on ever finding a wife, lol. Other than those dates, (Michael Jackson voice) I'll be there....I'll be there.....just call my name, and I'll be there.

I cannot STAND to miss out on fun, shame on me for missing this gig.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 17, 2000.

I am finally chiming in here. Dinner was great fun. Everyone was so nice and just plain down-to- earth. Wish we all lived much closer. It would be fun to do this more often.

Flash, Capnfun, and Patricia: thanks ever so much for your generosity and hard work.

To all: you are all good people, and I am proud and happy to know you.

Dog: Thanks...I think {grin} My face looks like one big smudge of pixels. Don't know how you could recognize me from a loaf of bread LOL. Believe it or not, people are always telling me I have a twin somewhere that they know. hmmm...maybe we were all part of a large litter. =)

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 17, 2000.

Idea for Spring Fling:

Maybe somewhere where we could get numerous rooms at the same place,with little effeciencies so we could cook some on our own or cook out and go out some too,this would save us some cash.

It would also give us alot of conversational time as this seemed to be the thing we all liked to do(besides drink and gamble the night away: ) Staying in the same place will eliminate the commuting thang,that cuts down on the time we have to spend with each other,plus eliminates the drinkin' n drivin' thang.

Somewhere where it's very warm,like a beach,with lots of interesting things to do conveniently located so we wouldn't have to drive or a cab ride wasn't a fortune.

Somewhere say from St Augastine up to the Outer Banks or ???

Just my 2"

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 18, 2000.

Myrtle Beach?

-- kirstena (kritter@adelphia.net), October 18, 2000.

OK, capn, I put your pictures up on Anexa ("Capnfun's Vegas Pix").

As to the spring fling, I think if we could find a place where we all could stay like Capn said it would be much easier. Efficiencies are a great idea, too.

As far as FL is concerned, I've only been to the Tampa area (the beaches at Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach, etc.). There is one place we once stayed in Reddington Shores (?) that had two-bedroom, two-bath apartments, with full kitchen, living room, dining room and a balcony overlooking the Gulf. It was quite reasonable when split between two people, and I think you can pull out the couch to sleep some more.

Wherever we go, let's try to be sure it's NOT "spring break" when we go :-)

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 18, 2000.

Going with capn's thoughts of somewhere where we could get numerous rooms at the same place, alot of conversational (and drinking) time and eliminating the 'commuting thang' I'd like to throw out the idea of the Poconos in PA.

There would be hiking in the mountains, horseback riding and maybe even a softball game.

It's open year round and there are plenty of lodging choices.

Florida also sounds great to me.

-- Debra (Thisis@it.com), October 18, 2000.

You know, I was thinking that maybe we'd like to have it in a place that's kind of mid-coast; North or South Carolina maybe? This way it would be easier for everyone to get there (maybe!).

Just another rambling thought this fine AM.....

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 18, 2000.

Could do it in the Washington, DC area. Decker would like that. And everybody could go visit Cory Hamasaki's shop in Annapolis! LOL!

-- Buddy (buddydc@go.com), October 18, 2000.

How about.....

renting a large house or giant cabin/chalet. That would be soooo much fun.

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.

Something rural or mountain-like and peaceful would be better. I really like Debra's idea. =0)

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.

The Poconos are really nice...and beautiful year round. You can rent a house there for a decent price and the hiking trails are many. Plus there are lakes for boating and fishing, and I know a few places where you can go off road and set up your own shooting galleries. :-) The restaurants offer huge amounts of food for the dollar and there are plenty of bars for the party folk...with pool tables and darts ta boot. (I can outshoot any of you in a game of 9 ball..double dare ya)

There are also deer walking around, sit around a huge fireplace, strum a guitar and grill a steak on the bbq on the deck...? Sounds really really good to me...and I have friends in the Poconos who could help use get a really nice rental at a really good price. If anyone likes this idea..?

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), October 18, 2000.

shoot I keep hitting that send button before I'm done.

Imagine all of us sitting around a fire, hot choc or vino in hand, telling stories and laughing our asses off. Nice

ok im done =)

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.

kritter, my family has had a summer place (but went there all year 'round) in the Poconos for about 25 years; absolutely beautiful. The ideas you and cin are throwing out sound terrific. And Spring up there is gorgeous, watching everything begin to bud and bloom, especially in early May.....

[Oh yes, I can kick butt in darts ;-) Fairly decent pool player as well.]

This sounds great -- it's got my vote. The only problem I see is getting there for those of us who would be flying in -- no matter where you fly into, you have at least an hour's drive to get to wherever, so car rentals are a must. What specific area did you have in mind?

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 18, 2000.

Perhaps we can all fly in to the nearest airport at roughly the same time, charter a bus or large rental of some kind, and all go up in one or two trips.

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.

p.s. we could draw to see who will be making their famous chili

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.

That sounds workable, cin. We could rent a couple of mini-vans or like you said, maybe charter a bus or something.

I like this idea!! If we could find a lodge or something with a fireplace..... :-)

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 18, 2000.

How about something like these...



-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.


You bad boy...LOL

Here's some information about the Poconos

Looks like a lot of choices.

-- Peg (em@i.l), October 18, 2000.

cin, as soon as, ahem, "certain people" see that jacuzzi.....I think the "vote" will be complete :-)

Those chalets are beautiful. Five bedrooms sounds good, too. Seems like just about everything we need would be in the house.

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 18, 2000.

And there's something for all those different tastes...



-- Peg (em@i.l), October 18, 2000.


I swear I didn't....I don't think I did.....did I?

I'm wondering if theres a place up there where there is a main house where everyone would gather to cook/hang out, with lotsa little cabins surrounding it to sleep in.Knowing what I now know,several culprits would be guilty of disturbing the peace ; )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 18, 2000.

Re: the Poconos

One word... Brrrrr

To tell ya the truth, I'm game for anywhere but would prefer a warm climate where you have to actually refrigerate your beer in order to get it cold enough to drink. (Anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line sounds good to me.)

Just a thought, but as far as coordinating transportation- Seems to me that the timing of everyone's flights (arrival dates/times & departure dates/times) to and from the Poconos would necessarily be scattered throughout the duration of the event. Not sure that chartering a bus would be a satisfactory solution under those circumstances.

I would suggest a list of location suggestions be compiled and voted on by those who believe they will be attending. The list could then be whittled down to the top 2 or 3 and then be decided with a final vote.

An alternate suggestion might be to determine everyone's current location and then choose a spot which is centrally located to the majority of "easterners".

Just food for thought.

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

You're right capn'...and if my hubby decides to attend he snores so loud that the shingles shake on the roof..no lie!!! I was sleep deprived for years..he now sleeps on the couch most of the time (we make dates..[g]).

CD...good idea it should be voted on...but I hafta tell ya..I like the cold/cooler climates :)

-- Peg (em@i.l), October 18, 2000.

I've added Capn's four pics to Photopoint and lightened them up [in one to the point that everyone looks like they have grey hair]. It was the only way one could see the folks in the back.

Was George drinking MILK?

LV pics...Dan's and Capn's

We had a great time one year with about 8 other couples renting condominiums in Myrtle Beach. Each condo had about 4 or 5 bedrooms with private baths, a HUGE kitchen, a dining room where folks could play cards, a huge frontroom where folks could gather, and patios on both the first and second floors facing the ocean. There was also a pier to the beach, complete with shower, etc. We rented two condos for the entire group. I think we stayed a whole week, but the cost wasn't prohibitive, and we bought food/drinks at the grocery for the most and took turns cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. Single folks, or folks who don't want to bring their mates could double up in rooms. Just a thought, if you like the beach.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

Thanks for posting those Anita.

On the next trip I promise to get the camera fixed and to be ever so diligent in chronologizing our adventure.Between the camera screwing up and me having such a big time the ball got dropped a bit.I will redeem myself.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 18, 2000.

Poconos...hmm...tempting tempting...and so close =)

-- (smarty@wannabe.one), October 18, 2000.

CD...good idea it should be voted on...but I hafta tell ya..I like the cold/cooler climates :)

LOL Peg. Now I've been forced to limit my "vote" suggestion to include only those who feel they will be sick of the cold weather by next spring and will be looking forward to catching some rays in the milder climes.

You're not alone though Peg. It amazes me how some people actually LIKE the cold. Having grown up in Iowa and Minnesota, I consider myself something of an expert about cold weather and I can state unequivically that only Norwegians and the semi-warped truly appreciate it. Having "known" you over the last year or so, I can only assume you are Norwegian ;)

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.


"Knowing what I now know,several culprits would be guilty of disturbing the peace ; )"

That was part of the fun of sharing one place. One night, I thought I was really tired and went to bed. There was so much hootin' and hollerin' coming from the card game in the dining room that I got up and went to join them. I had NO CLUE how to play the card game they were playing, but I learned, and even won a few games. The nice thing about the condos was that they came equipped with blenders, etc. I must wonder how many folks woke up on hearing the blaring WHIR of THAT thing in the middle of the night. The only thing I don't want to repeat is small children accompanying folks. I lost a new pair of Birkenstocks to a rugrat that decided to chew on my sandals, and I'd much prefer to listen to the whir of a blender than listen to a screaming infant.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

Actually, the Poconos aren't all that cold in May/June...just a few degrees cooler than here. I'd say it would be in the 60-70 degree range.

-- FlingBot (kritter@adelphia.net), October 18, 2000.

I can only assume you are Norwegian ;)

I'm Dutch, Scottish and French...mixed bag if you will...LOL and at times a tad warped too..heh!

-- Peg (em@i.l), October 18, 2000.

Thanks for the neat pics. Some quick impressions.

Anita, you look almost like I imagined. That's a compliment. Bingo, you are hidden. Are you on the lam? Capn, a party animal but I know you are more. Cin, lovely, what's this deal with "fat"? Patricia, a joyful countenance. My guess is that your company makes people feel good. AB, I can almost hear your laugh. Those are my quick impressions of those whose written voices I know the best. I better quit while I'm ahead. (if I am ahead).

There is no shortages of bottles about.

It's obvious that everyone is enjoying.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), October 18, 2000.


Not all Norwegians love the deep freeze. You may be confusing us with Finlanders.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), October 18, 2000.

CD: Watch your mouth on Norwegians. We may be a passive bunch, but we're TALL.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

Dang, thanks for lightening up the pix Anita. (And I thought I was going to stay anonymous-HAH!) OK you guys! Just because I don't live on the east coast doesn't mean I wouldn't come to party! (Right capn'?) Count me in. I'll even make a pot of my prize winning chili and cornbread! (No beans for true chili BTW). Speaking as a desert rat, the warmer the better for me, but I am flexible. Count me in!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

I am Norwegian/German/Celtic and anything below 50 is freezing to me.

Us spoiled CA people, I tell ya. =)

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 18, 2000.


Music to my ears...WHIR...WHIR...WHIR!!!


Good impressions.


Come to the party,hell,lead the party.

For the record I'll vote on a warmer clime,especially after a hard cold winter.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 18, 2000.

Aye aye, capn! Anything for the good of the crew!! And the success of the party!!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 18, 2000.

Praise and rejoice at the above kindness, but it does not hold a latern to the eclipse of the moon, last year. My area was cloud covered. I pleaded for a description, and some kind soul, went out into the cold, took a pix and put it for me to see. The most kindest, generousity (sp) of any stranger, that I have ever met. May we continue. with kindness for one another,

-- Church Fan (Hand@waver.com), October 18, 2000.

Sure looks like yall had a blast!!! One day, when I grow up, I hope to visit LV........Might actually get to do Lake Tahoe next year. Wife is rackin' up the Delta miles and Marriott points with all these trips to England.

Did someone mention St Augustine for next spring??? That would be awesome!!


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), October 19, 2000.

Will someone offer advice on picture-posting? I have some GIF files but I don't know how to get them onto the forum. Are there esoteric html commands required? Thanks.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), October 19, 2000.

Lars- Here's a good tutorial site...

http://www.pagereso urce.com/html/hclist.htm

Deano- St Augustine sounds good to me too. Never been there but have it on my list of places I want to see. AND it's bound to be warm there in the spring. (You may have noticed, some of the people on this thread are pushing for a location which would result in TEOTWAWKI [The End Of The Warmth As We Know It].

-- CD (costavike@hotmail.com), October 19, 2000.

Ok guys-time to come across. Who is willing to put some honest effort into this sprint get together project other than lip service? I say it is time to form an investigative committee to see what the availability is for a spring activity. I would be happy to help in planning, but it is not my area or local of expertise! Ya want help with chili or food planning? I can do that! Just give me quantities of folks and I can provide. In the meantime, who is willing to step up to the plate and volunteer to be on the committee to look at possibilites and get back to the rest of us? Maybe we need a name for those folks first. What say you all?

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 20, 2000.

Hi B!!!,

I'm game,I'm gonna start with 1st things 1st and start a new thread,this ones reaching critical mass,once we can decide on when and where 50% of the chore has been done,after that,specifics become important(as in exactly where/how much),this is a team effort.

Once we have the exact location pin-pointed we can move on to meals and activities etc...the rest is a party waiting to happen : )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 20, 2000.


"The End of Warmth as We Know It" TOO FUNNY!!! SA is a great place to visit. Lot's of things to do there - great restaurants and bars, pretty cool tourists things to do too. April/May is about the best weather we have to offer in NE FL. Golf and fishing at it's best! Wife and I will be down there Sunday to meet our real estate agent for lunch. We're looking at a B&B on the Intracoastal WW in north Flagler county.

I'm fairly certain my truck won't function properly heading north anyhow....:-)


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), October 20, 2000.

New thread started here to discuss Spring Fling and (possibly) The End Of Warmth As We Know It ;-)

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 20, 2000.


-- BUMPER (Bumper@adelphia.net), October 23, 2000.

You buncha low lifes, sought to substain, an event, which did not happen, in real life. Only in Cyberspace. Shame on you, Shame for your intended deceit, and shame on you for furthering your deceit, by posting further. How do I know? because no one came up with any pix. Someone else, much truer, on an internet trect, provided a pix of an event for human kindness, yet, not one of you low lifes can produce a pix of Las Vegas? I am sad, at your deceit.

-- My Story (andI@sticking.com), October 24, 2000.


Damn!!! I want some of what your smokin' and who you callin' lowlife? buttnut!!! LOL : )

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 25, 2000.

OK kids-

Time to regroup based on recent info. Can we narrow the choices down to places with major airports, and yet nearby accomodations that would meet our requirements (group lodging, fun, locale for adventure, and a place to talk with each other). Which of the places previously mentioned meet this criteria? What other places may be of interest that are workable? What say you all? Speak up!!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 25, 2000.

Hi B!!!,

I was looking at the map last night and it looks like South Myrtle beach is the easiest access wise to the airport and still close enough to the action or serenity as desired.Savannahs' beach is Tybee island and is quite a ways it looks from the airport.Exept for the B&B's I'm not really seeing any or much differences in accomodation costs.

Iv'e got a few or more links I'm going to post sometime tonight so people can peruse them tomorrow or later on tonight.

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 25, 2000.

OK, if you want an official "vote", then I'll go with South Myrtle Beach. Like I said, it's the company, not the location :-)

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 25, 2000.

Myrtle works for me as well.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), October 25, 2000.

Well, upon review of available air fares (and I have a choice of two airlines), it would seem "location" does matter.....the airfare is outrageously expensive from here.

Don't think I'll be making it to Myrtle :-(

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 25, 2000.

Hey Pat,

What was the air fare from LV to MB? curious.Have you looked into a package with Southwest?

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), October 25, 2000.

No, I haven't looked into SW (didn't think of it -- but will try, thanks). Delta was $554 through Atlanta and Continental was $615 through Newark.


-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 25, 2000.

Just checked -- they don't go there. Grrrrrrrrr.....

Any other ideas?

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 25, 2000.

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