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I am looking for some maps of the Western Division (St Louis- Louisville) Showing grades,yards,industries,& tunnles on this line. I am tying to model this division. What type of steam power did they use on the line I know that they used 4-8-2 Ts1 and some Mikes(could 4501 be used on this main?) I don't know if any of there 2-10-2 or USRA 2-6-8-0 or 2-8-8-2 were used on the line sence most of the motive power was used from the CNO&TP line. Thanks Greg

-- Greg (, October 15, 2000


Actually you are mistaken about the steam power used on this line. The largest engines used on through trains were light pacifics and 2-8-0's. Even the 2-8-0's, if double-headed, had to have two spacer cars between them over the Wabash River bridge at MP 151.4. The Ms class 2-8-2's (same class as #4501) used on the branches around Huntingburg had to be ferried in over the Monon RR.

Do you have your heart set on modelling the St Louis-Louisville line, or are you looking for a location that would permit use of the big power that you mentioned?

-- Jack Wyatt (, October 16, 2000.

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