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What was the best school trip you've been on? What about the worst? Have any disasters happened while you were away. We had a boy try to kill himself on a school trip to France. This last weekend someone knocked themselves out and hurt his back, and paramedics had to be called. It turned out to be a false alarm and he's been charged #800.

Beat that!

-- Tim (, October 15, 2000


I haven't actually been on very many school trips, but i've heard stories from people who have.

Recently, on the physics trip up to some lake somewhere, they were camping out, and one kid was pouring lighter fluid onto the campfire, and the stream coming from the can caught on fire, and so the whole can caught on fire, and so the kid threw it into some nearby bushes, and caught the bushes on fire, and so other kids were trying to put out the forest fire by kicking dirt onto it and stomping on it, but some people's shoes caught on fire, and so everyone was stomping on other people's feet, trying to put out this big fire. Finally, somone got the bright idea to pour water on it, and that put it out, but three people walked away with burnt, melted shoes. All the meanwhile, the teacher was in the bathroom, and when he came back he had no idea what went on.

Also, last year, some of the senior english classes went on a field trip to see Fantasia 2000, and on the bus on the way there, some kid thought it was smart to light up and start smoking pot...real bright!

-- Jessica (, October 16, 2000.

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