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Main Entry: CPR Pronunciation: i-'nAn Function: adjective Inflected Form(s): inan7er; -est Etymology: Latin inanis Date: 1662 1 : EMPTY, INSUBSTANTIAL 2 : lacking significance, meaning, or point : SILLY synonym see INSIPID - inane7ly adverb - inane7ness /-'nAn-n&s/ noun

I am very, very Pro-Life, but I swear ... If anyone could be a poster person for pro-choice, CPR it could be you.

Unlike you, my point is [that] in my last post [a reposting of "THE NEXT TEN YEARS"], some person - not me - is making observations, postulations, and restating factual events. The original poster never once advocated a call to arms about anything. However, ...

You, CPR, for some reason, took off on some tangent about ethnicity and who knows what else?

When distasteful, unsavory events start to unravel around us, most "normal" people are concerned, worried, caring and confused, regarding what is going to happen NEXT, WHEN and to WHOM.

The not so "normal" tend to hide their [true] feelings and [true] concerns by lashing out at people and things. The more they are touched by some thing - the more controversial and disjointed their response(s) become.

Kinda like your fear of Y2K and confrontation. Your jealousy fueled outburst at or about people that remind you of your actual or perceived inadequacies and most of all your actual or perceived loss of control.

Ring any bells or push any buttons for you CPR?

You can run, but you can't hide - particularly from your self!

-- Crypto Byte (, October 15, 2000


Your post not mine. Hate BS disguised. Judge for yourselves.

The flood of illegals will force the US to deploy troops along the border -- essentially constructing a new version of the Berlin Wall. These two events will cause the twelve million Mexican nationals living in the US to riot because their families are being ripped to pieces on the other side of the wall. This will lead to martial law -- a permanent suspension of civil liberties -- in the US.

Recall that Hitler was elected to office on the back of a failed economy. A new WHITE-AND-RIGHT Party will blame the Mexicans for their missing "rights" and call for relocation camps, etc. (Just put a new coat of paint on the old Japanese camps and we are back in business!)

Canadians will soon discover (the hard way) that they can not keep their pipes from freezing with solar panels, and will cross the border to a warmer climate as fast as their snowshoes can carry them. Of course, the folks in Phoenix and Las Vegas can't survive without water (no electricity = no pumps), so they will head for greener (literally) pastures. With no transportation fuel, the 15 million folks in greater Los Angeles will be stranded in a city that is 70% pavement -- and no water... I wonder which way they will go? Monterey? Oregon?

Just imagine NY doormen carrying rich folks up 40 flights of stairs on their backs!

"By the end of the seventies the free trade episode (1846-79) was at an end; the actual use of the gold standard by Germany marked the beginnings of an era of protectionism and colonial expansion... the symptoms of the dissolution of the existing forms of world economy -- colonial rivalry and competition for exotic markets -- became acute. The ability of haute finance to avert the spread of wars was diminishing rapidly... For another seven years peace dragged on but it was only a question of time before the dissolution of nineteenth century economic organization would bring the Hundred Years' Peace to a close." [p. 19]

"The origins of the cataclysm lay in the utopian endeavor of economic liberalism to set up a self-regulating market system." [p. 29] THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION, Karl Polanyi; ----------------------------------

-- Crypto Byte (, October 14, 2000

-- cpr (, October 15, 2000.

BTW: the quote in the last section is from a 1944 book. The "thiMking" if from the 1970s and the web site it comes from is typical of the FUD the 70s awl shortages brought.

OUTDATED and now "spun" by CrytoBSer.

-- cpr (, October 15, 2000.

CPR why is everyone always picking on you? Did I miss something?

-- cin (cin@=0.)), October 16, 2000.

Cin, CPR is someone everyone loves to hate. The sensible people hate his obnoxious screaming HTML, and the paranoid conspiracy theorists hate his obnoxious habit of throwing reality in their face.

So much for the psychologists' theory that writing one's thoughts down to someone else facilitates communication by removing the obnoxious body language.

-- (, October 16, 2000.

This discussion about CPR has caused me to ponder the question: Will CPR make it into heaven?

And I have my doubts that he will.

I think what is likely to happen is that he will be standing before the pearly gates, and he will start bending St. Peter's ear about Duct Tape Garee and Lord Jimbo Dumbo until St. Peter loses patience and sends him elsewhere.

-- Peter Errington (, October 16, 2000.

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