understanging the BEAST-SYSTEM!!!

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The beast system is a MINDSET!! ""AS A MAN THINKETH"" all that opposes GODS KINGDOM!!! the tree of good[not-best] & evil!! not as good as the TREE OF LIFE!!

SOME POOR SOUL,S WORSHIP DEMON,S [IGNORANTLY]& THEY THINK IT,S GOOD!! so if you wonder why,the world is in termoil-it,s because of the BEAST in soul,-s!--there will be no-[permanent] peace-until the ''PRINCE OF PEACE'' RULES IN EVERY-HEART!! *like the LORD JESUS said->[out of the heart-comes the ISSUES of life]

get it??----the good news is-theres coming a day-when ALL will be restored!! in the meantime fret-not thyself![chill] IN DUE SEASON-THE BEAST IS DESTROYED.

-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), October 14, 2000


al-d is Dieter!!!!?

-- ccc (ccc@ccc.com), October 14, 2000.

al-d is the BEASTMASTER.

-- (al-d@666.666), October 14, 2000.

al-d is a released pastor.

-- (nemesis@awol.com), October 14, 2000.

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