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Hi, I'm a casual McNamara fan, since I live in australia I don't get to see much of him (although I search the video libraries every holiday...and B&C just started here 2 weeks ago, I was surprised to see - unfortunately on at midnight, but, hey, better than not at all) - anyway, I was just at and saw that he's in a movie called Paper Bullets, apparently released last year - how come I've never seen this movie mentioned anywhere before? Has anyone seen it?

-- Jodie (, October 14, 2000



Down Under the new season of Beggars and Choosers began? So what can you tell us? More Brad Action? More cat fights with Lori and Casey? Any phone sex? Paper Bullets? Hmm havent heard of it?

-- Vanessa (, October 15, 2000.


But I meant we've got the very first season of Beggars & Choosers (at least, I'm assuming it's the first season, since I've never seen it over here at all - they don't tell you much about late night tv), so I don't know what's going on in whatever season you're up to! (How many seasons have there been??) Oh, and about Paper Bullets, it's a remake of a 1941 film - there doesn't seem to be much about it, but there's a review at and a trailer's at

-- Jodie (, November 22, 2000.

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