un-religious prayer

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Dear GOD I,M ALL SCREWED UP!! GOD back yes you are! me=but i want to be good--GOD =i know. me= i like your words & teachings--GOD-> i know. me=but to be honest LORD i can,t seem to be consistant! GOD i know son. me=so what,s up LORD?? LORD you can,t do it-by yourself!!!!!!! me-duh??? me=please explain----GOD what did I SAY!!!in MY WORD!! ME oh so the answer is your WORD!! GOD=YES! ME=but most preachers say =do this or else!! GOD= WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE? ME= i think i get it=JESUS said''without me,you can,t do it!! ME=so what,s the key?? GOD=simple TRUST--stop trying-live in LOVE!! ME= but i fail so much! GOD i know! ME ain,t you pissed??? GOD -no! ME- Dear LORD, seem,s like when i FOCUS on your LOVE, i do better! GOD=you got it!!!!

-- just AL yer pal. (DOGS@ZIANET.COM), October 13, 2000


Thanks Al. :<)

-- Nikoli Krushev (doomsday@y2000.com), October 14, 2000.

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