Posession Due But I Now Have The Cash - What now?

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Following a serious accident at work I was in arrears with my mortgage, and eventually the Building Society applied for a posession order which the disrict judge granted but suspended for 28 days subject to me paying a sum off the arrears plus the monthly mortgage payment. this was ok for a couple of months but I gradually got behind again and possession was granted. I have been struggling to re-train myself in the computer field and at last I have a steady income and have received my first income.....this will pay off all my arrears and bring my mortgage up to date....what do I do now, and is it too late to stop repossession

-- pete roberts (seenit@been-there.com), October 13, 2000


It is not clear from your note if the second event was an eviction warrant or an outright possession order?

either way if you now have the money to cover the arrears and you want to keep possession, then pay the arrears, then write/fax the lender requesting they withdraw any action. if they continue then write to the District Judge at the court explaining what you have done ie pay off all the arrears and that the lender is still continuing with the action.

THe DJ will/may set aside the SPO or adjourn matter generally ie no possession

NOTE! if the lender is unreasonable then they will not be able to recover the costs of the hearing. Point this out to the DJ.

Good luck

-- ahmad butt (ahmadbutt@talk21.com), October 15, 2000.

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