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hi, i came across a software that enhances the interactivity of digital camera/ pixmaker from www.pixaround.com its free and no plug-in needed.its hotspot version seems to be impressive and take alook at their showcase.

cheers susan

-- susan (susan43007@yahoo.com.sg), October 13, 2000


Flash 5 also has a plugin that does this. Another product is Uleads cool 360 http://www.ulead.com/cool360/runme.htm

-- Lee A, Fairbanks (lee@artjunky.com), November 01, 2000.

hi, but ulead does not have a hotspot but with pixmaker u can create a virtual walkthru it looks as though u are watching a movie.and its affordable compared to other similar products in the market.

cheers susan

-- Susan (susan43007@yahoo.com.sg), November 02, 2000.

Apparently, I checked out their site and it is not free anymore. They charge $20 which is still an awesome price.

-- Jakob (no@email.com), September 27, 2001.


-- Ro Ni (ro_ni@hotmail.com), September 14, 2004.

Dear susan; how are you iwant the programing and any informaion for learn this program

thanx Abdelrahim

-- Abdelrahim O Bakri (abozam@azamzami.com), September 20, 2004.

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-- up your mother (care@hotmail.com), October 07, 2004.

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