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Where have I seen Abby's ex-husband before? He looks so familiar, it's really bugging me! :) I really didn't like Abby at all, but I think I could change my mind about her this season. She's seemed to come back this season a lot stronger (especially dealing with that jerk of an ex-husband!) so, I may be pleasantly surprised. As for the rest of the characters, I like the direction in which TPTB are taking most of them (with the exception of Cleo, I still think she's pretty much useless:) There seems to be a lot more humor which I liked (i.e. Elizabeth hands itching from poison oak, cut to Mark scratching...That was hilarious!) even Peter is making me laugh...never thought I'd see that! (Although, in a way I kind of miss the "old" Dr. Benton...atleast we still have Kerry and Romano being the ER meanies!) Well, that's just my 2 cents in. :)

-- Joy (, October 13, 2000


The guy who plays Abby's ex-husband was on Days of Our Lives (I think). I've gotta agree with you about Abby, she is definatly a character that could grow on me. I loved it when she got angry, because I think that is the way that most people would react in her position.

-- Emma (, October 13, 2000.

I was not sure if I liked Abby last night...I think I did like it, but I'm not sure. I can see her relating well with Carter. I'm with you on Cleo...I thought they were listening to us, but Cleo came back with one rude comment after another...I really wnat to like her too! And the "she *acts* like your wife" comment, and Benton's agreeement was hysterical, but that didn't make me like her either. Are we *supposed* to not like her? As for Kerry, she was just as crabby as when we left her. We need Carter back to bring everyone back to their senses!

-- Elaine (, October 13, 2000.

You're right, he was on "Days". He played Jack.

I'm with you, Joy. I didn't care for Abby a great deal, because she was always so mousy. However, I was very very pleasantly surprised to see Abby's character this season. She seemed more confident.

Cleo continues to bug the heck out of me. She acts like a spoiled little girl.

I loved seeing Peter laugh and having more of a sense of humor. Also the caring way he asked Jing-Mei if she was okay.

I already miss the way Carter used to be, his fun-loving, happy self. I think I will like the new Carter, though. He is more subdued of course, but I am looking forward to seeing how he will grow and become an even better doctor and person.

I think I'm really going to enjoy this season if it keeps going the way it has started out.

-- Kristal (, October 13, 2000.

I liked Abby much more last night. I agree she seemd more confident and I love her new makes her look more confident. I was a little bummed at the way Kerry handled telling Abby about what happened and it seems weird to me the way her divorce was handled. Why would her ex be paying the registar directly? It sounds as though she has had problems like this before -- why would she trust him to pay the tuition on time. Seems like there would be a better way to handle it. Its obvious she will be going back to nursing now for awhile, but I wonder what this means for her future? I can't imagine that Abby would let this hold her back from fulfilling a dream to be a doctor. Not the Abby I saw last night anyway. It was funny how she explained to Luka about Lockhart was the best thing she got out of the marriage. We had discussed that same thing on this board this summer. Maybe they do look here once in awhile :)

-- amanda (, October 13, 2000.

When I watch a new epi, I sometimes wonder what people will say on this site. I didn't expect to hear that anyone liked Abby's hair. I kept wondering who the heck came up with that horrid do. It stuck out at odd angles and was waaay too dark. Maura Thierney (sp?) has looked so much better on other shows and movies...maybe that's to come as her character becomes stronger. But her getting a few highlights would be a good morale booster, and quick! If her character has seemed mousy in the past, she looked it last night with that hair.

-- Diana (, October 13, 2000.

This will probably sound very shallow and inconsequential- and I do have some interesting things to say about "Homecoming," (besides the fact that I really liked it and I may never go to a football game again!), but I absolutely *loved* Maura Tierney's hair! It was so cute! It looks like a friend of mine's, and I adore Kathy's (my friend's) hair, too! (Mine is dark and curly- sort of like JM's only not quite ringlets like that! But I love the short look!) And I loved Erik Palladino's hair- I thought it looked dumb when I saw him a couple of months ago, but now I like it, and I like Goran's hair, it seemed shorter. And I'm glad Carter shaved! Just my 2 cents on how they all looked...

LOL! ;-)


-- Jessica (, October 13, 2000.

I'm with Jessica! I had to laugh when I read these, because I too loved Maura Tierney's new hairstyle (I'm NOT a fan of the long, stringy parted-in-the-middle look!) and thought it made her look more professional and more perky. I also liked her character a lot in this epi -- we got to see more of her acting than we ever have on ER, and I thought she was going to use one of those golf clubs to clobber her ex-husband! As for Carter ... he looks MUCH better clean-shaven. I wonder what's going on in that head of his ... he just seems so withdrawn, almost as if he's just now coming to realize that Lucy is dead and he was almost killed.

I think a romance is going to develop between Luka and Abby.

-- Cindy (, October 16, 2000.

Besides DOOL you may also have caught Abby's ex in the movie "The Next Best Thing" he had a few brief scenes in that as well.

-- Dena (, October 17, 2000.

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