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Does anyone know the name of an actress on the October 12 episode who was also on the "Midnight Caller" series?

-- MikeConway (, October 12, 2000


Her name is Kay Lenz.

-- Kim (, October 13, 2000.

Just adding a bit a trivia, I think, but isn't she David Cassidy's first wife?

-- Deb (, October 13, 2000.

She was also on the short-lived courtroom show "Reasonable Doubts." That one had Marlee Matlin in the main role as a deaf lawyer and Mark Harmon as Marlee's best friend and (later) Kay Lenz's lover. Not a bad show, but not great.

-- Will Harrison (, October 13, 2000.

That's "Emmy Winner" Kay Lenz. She won an emmy for her guest appearance on an episode of "Midnight Caller".

-- T Lem (, October 13, 2000.

Thank you all for answering this I was driving myself nuts last night, because she looked so familiar. I very first saw Kay Lenz on a made-for-TV movie years and years ago (my age will show momentarily) called "Lisa, Bright and Dark" about a teenager with deteriorating mental health whose friends helped her get help. She was a very young actress then, and brilliant. Nice to see her again, and turning in a good performance here.

-- Patti C. (, October 13, 2000.

Are you talking about the football players mom?

-- amanda (, October 14, 2000.

Yep, Amanda, the football player's mom was played by Kay Lenz. She's been around for a long, long time. Patti, I'd forgotten about "Lisa..." I looked KL up on and discovered that came out in 1973 (and her only older credit was from 1972). She has a long credit list and, yes, she was married to David Cassidy for several years.

-- Diana (, October 14, 2000.

I just saw an old episode of the Andy Griffith show that had a young teenage girl that looked just like Kay Lenz. The credits showed her name as Kay Ann Kemper. Anybody know if that is her? Or does anybody know where I can find biography information on her on the web?


-- C Byars (, July 11, 2001.

she also had bit part on American Graffiti, that's all I know

-- Alan Simon (, December 24, 2001.

Kay lenz was also the object of rod stewarts "passion" in his video of the same name. As well she was William Katt's wife in the Horror/comedy "House" in the 80's..... Big crush.....

-- blair phillips (, January 10, 2002.

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