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I am sick at heart for the families of the men and women who lost their lives today aboard the USS Cole. I am sick at heart for The World, and the place it has come to be. I just spoke to a friend in VT, who didn't even know about the attack-and can't understand why I'm upset, and how can it affect us!? Our World is not just the little piece of land we love-how sweet that would be. Fuel Prices are expected to rise, to a height that has not been seen since the Great Depression, how will that affect your world? Terrorists. Lurking-should I be suspect of the very nice middle eastern grocer down the street? My Boys. My sons are eligible for the draft. What if there is war? How does a Mother kiss her son/daughter goodbye, knowing you may never see them again? I don't want to know! What happens around the globe, affects each and every one of us. I am frightened. We all should be.

-- Kathy (, October 12, 2000


Kathy, I have been doing a lot of surfing this afternoon and was wondering when someone would post about this. We live in interesting times! I too, feel bad about the families who lost loved ones in the suicide bomb attack on the ship. I also feel bad for the families of the Israeli soldiers who were lynched by the Palestinian mob. I also feel sorry for the Palestinians who have been killed lately. I too, feel sorry for the world.

The oil price thing is bothersome. The stock market historically dumps big-time in October and eventually moves up again. We have had a great run of >20% increases in the market for the last few years, so even though it seems severe, it still can be considered a correction. I am not losing sleep over any of this, but I am considering a few contingency plans for maybe gas/fuel shortages, i.e. buying a bus pass, refilling the gas cans for at home, etc.

Good idea to review one's supplies and one's bad weather plan. And a good idea to keep things in perspective and count the blessings that we do have. If things get weird, we will be prepared, and of course, we can all meet here and talk about it all. Hang in there.

-- sheepish (, October 12, 2000.

I am probably going to be proven wrong, but I believe Arafat has rolled the dice and they are going to come up snake eyes. How can anyone believe the violence which is occurring is not at either his direct order or his looking the other way.

If I were the Israeli government, I would have every non-Jew removed from Israel and take to the border of Jordan and forced to move across it. That, at least temporarily, settles most of their problems. They should have done it after the Six Day War.

Interference from other Arabian states? Who? They know Israel has nuclear weapons and, if forced to use them, will.

Frankly, it's time to kick ass and take name.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, October 12, 2000.

Great idea, Ken. While you're at it, have every non-native American move across the border to the country from whence they came. That puts 1/4 of me in England, 1/4 in Scotland, and the other 1/4's in Ireland and Italy! Jeese, how the heck do I divy up the kids! Oh, and Ken-where should you go?

-- Kathy (, October 12, 2000.

Kathy: They hate each other with a passion! Then they pass that hate down to their children. A peace accord is a joke when the hate continues. To make it worse they share holy sites! Its a terrible mess that looks hopeless to me. What I try to do is be vigilant with my own prejudice and for Gods sake don't pass it on to my children! I hope by being responsible that the world becomes a little better. It doesn't seem like much but it may be a beginning.....Kirk

-- Kirk Davis (, October 13, 2000.

Actually, Kathy, I know what you mean, but if we were born here, we ARE native Americans. The word native just means that a person is in the land of their birth. I don't have any answers to your worries, least of all for your sons. I only have daughters, not eligible to be drafted (yet, and I hope never), but I do have a nephew who is dear to all of us and is in the Army. Kirk makes a good point, that one of the two things we CAN do is make sure we don't pass the hate down to our own children, because of course they get it from their parents or other family members. The only other thing we can do is pray, and trust the God who has never failed to keep His word. Yes, there have been terrible times in the past, and often over the centuries people have suffered teribly. And it can and will happen again. The only "peace and safety" is that found in the heart by trusting God, even through terrible circumstances. Sorry for those of you who object to religious threads -- but there really isn't any other answer. There are no atheists in fox-holes, it has been said. We may not be in the fox-holes literally, but figuratively speaking it could come to that (I hope and pray it will never be *literally* that bad here), and probably will before it's all said and done. So now is a good time to be thinking about the source of our inner strength, the strength that holds us up when we don't think we can keep on going. And if our own inner resources seem to be failing, then look to the Word of God for the Solid Rock who never fails. I know; I've tried Him through some pretty serious storms in my own life, and He's never failed me.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 13, 2000.

Kathy, My son is in boot camp at the moment. When I sent him off, I knew that it is a dangerous profession. One which is needed, unfortunatly. I pray that he will be kept safe, if possible. But, I would prefer to lose a child, fighting for freedom, than to have that child wander through life without contributing anything of value. Being succesful is not alot of money and large house etc. Being succesful is caring for others, having morals and being willing to stand up and be counted. I shall measure my succes as a parent by how my children lead their lives. I'm very proud of my son. I do not always agree with our government leaders, I pray that they will do what is right in leading our country, even though I know most of them won't. I will try to correct that in the voting booth. But, I will fight to keep our country's freedoms and I pray my children will too. It is not for all of us to pick up arms, if, however, we are called upon to do so, I hope my family will show what they are made of and follow those doctrines that I taught them. I have had family fight in every war and military action since before we were a country. I'm grateful for that. They made it possible for me to raise my children in the manner that I want. May we continue to do so.

-- Cheryl Cox (, October 13, 2000.

Kathy, I also am very upset about all of this mess. But, really, there is nothing we can do to help the people of the Middle East. They have been fighting for centuries, and it unfortunately probably won't stop until they decide to stop. Arafat was offered 92% of what he asked for in the settlement talks and refused that offer from the Israelis. He didn't even want 100% of what he asked for, he wants Israel gone. Until the Palistinians get a more reasonable leader, the trouble will remain, I feel. There are Palistinians who are reasonable, but not this current leadership.

About the bombing of the Cole and this morning's bombing of the British Embassy in Yemen, well, terrorists are everywhere in the world and they will strike whenever they get the chance. It could happen in your or my backyard, but we can't be suspicious of everyone or we'd be completely paranoid.

All we can do is make sure that our own family and perhaps neighborhood is as secure as possible and we prepare as if for Y2K all over again.

I think this economy stinks and has for a while now. It will only get worse, I fear, for a long time to come. Plant your garden, raise your flock and livestock so you will have enough food for your family. Do whatever it takes to be secure.

Hopefully, there will not be a war and your boys will be safe at home to live their lives. But if there is a war, we will all have to be as brave as possible. I also mourn for our sailors who died doing their job for our country.

-- Mary in East TN (, October 13, 2000.

Ken-Hitler tried to remove Jews from Germany, and look at the results of his actions! I am sure that there are many, many non-Jewish residents in Isreal who hate the violence as much as their Jewish neighbors. A bigoted attitude is not the answer to the problem...

-- Joe (, October 13, 2000.

Actually, Joe, if I remember my history correctly, Hitler wasn't content with removing the Jews from Germany, he also wanted them removed from any other country within his reach. And, he didn't want them to move, in fact they were prevented from doing so and had to flee if they valued their lives. Hitler wanted them dead, annihilated, period.

-- Rebekah (, October 13, 2000.

Rebekah, yes! And don't forget that he wanted gays and lesbians to suffer the same fate, as well as various artists, leftists, people of color, etc. Many of these groups went to the concentration camps, too.

One of Hitler's platforms was "Kinder, Kirche, Kuchen" (sorry, my German is just about nil...if I spelled these wrong, please correct me). The translation is: Children, Church, and Kitchen, and it was of course, directed to women. Sometimes that makes me really stop and think..........and shudder a bit...............

-- sheepish (, October 13, 2000.

We are talking Jewish people right ? Arafat is sitting on the temple mound--the Holy of Holies. And you actually expect peace ? It will never happen !

This is Holy land for a Jew--- what is it to a palistian ? answer> a good reason !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 14, 2000.

My understanding is that the first people Hitler got rid of were the mentally ill and the handicapped -- just the direction this country is heading. Get people hardened by doing away with the "burdens", then take it the next step further. This is why I won't take my mentally handicapped daughter back to Oregon, which already has a law that is a first step in this direction.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, October 14, 2000.

The Palestinians are Muslim, which means the Temple Mount is also holy to them. They have a mosque there on the site were Mohammed was pulled up to heaven by god. They have as much religious claim to it as the Jews. They are not likely to ever share it peacefully, and no one is ever likely to be able to make them share it either. It will remain a bone of contention as long as the Jews and the Muslims both exist.

-- Green (, October 14, 2000.

Green is right. It is holy for both. However, the Jews had the place first, the Muslims are descended from Ishmael, also God's people, but not God's CHOSEN people. Yep, I know that sounds elitist, but that's the story and don't take it up with me, take it up with God.

Also, perhaps I am wrong on this, but the Jews were given back Palestine by the winners of the 2nd World War, right? So shouldn't Palestinians be hating the winners of that war more than the Jews? Or perhaps they do and we all fail to see that...

-- Doreen (, October 14, 2000.

Agree with Doreen. In fact the Jews had 2 different temples built on that site before they were destroyed. Also, during WWII, an option was presented to the Palestines and Jews on partioning off the land so each party could share. The Jews agreed and the Palestines, declined. At the time the Palestines could not accept the existence of a Jewish State. The problem in the Middle East is over 4000 years old and very complicated. Don't think it can be resolved easily.

-- Annie (, October 14, 2000.

God, keep us. All.

-- Kathy (, October 14, 2000.

Just wanted to say that the USS Cole is a Aegis Cruiser, not a destroyer.

-- Ed Holt (, October 15, 2000.

Boy, I learn something new everyday. I was not aware that muslims had a religious interest in the temple mound, I never studied muslim religion. I always thought they got run off the land after the exodus and were fighting for anywhere to live. I guess I need to find a book on mohammed, huh ? Either way, there canbe no peace in that region. Let them fight it out ! To the winner go the spoils of war !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 16, 2000.

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