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I've sampled both the Adirondak Wherry and 18' Guideboat. I thought the Wherry was easier to track. What are the pros and cons of these two boats? I will be rowing on the Hudson River.

-- Avi Katz (, October 12, 2000


Avi, I struggled with the same question and finally chose a wherry based on my individual needs. I was able to hedge my bet though because my neighbor bought a guideboat 18 based on his needs soon after my purchase. We swap eachother when the need arrises. If I was to buy again as a first time buyer I would have saved a lot of time and listened better to the rowing instructor who gave me the lesson ( really good lesson and exposure to the boats ). He broke it down this way. If you are rowing in big rolling waves and carrying a passenger or load ( camping gear, pets etc. ) get the Guideboat 18. If you are in uniform chop the wherry may be more rewarding to row. Also, I rowed the other sliding seat boats out there at Adirondack Rowings insistance and found them ( dories and pods ) to be heavy and slow compared to the Guideboat hulls and whery hull. We rowed a smaller sliding seat wherry here in the midwest and found it doggie. The 20' wherry we bought is the fastest we found. Good luck. Mitch Esterino

-- Mitchell Esterino (, October 15, 2000.

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