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I am looking for a pattern for crocheted adult socks. I can knit and have tons of those patterns, but with my arthritis (I am 38), it is easier for me to crochet. Also, my personal life has taken a dive and I am slowly climbing out, and finances are tough right now, so does anyone know of an inexpensive way to obtain a laptop/notebook computer? I am not looking for a brand new one necessarily, but it needs to be in good-working condition and I need the portability. I have a very small house and don't have room for a large computer setup and I do writing with the help of a computer. I currently use the computer at the library when I can get there. Thanks ya'll!

-- Traci Tucker (, October 12, 2000


Traci, With the way computer technology is advancing, many people upgrade and can't find a market for their older hardware. Being a homesteader you are in a great position to barter into a system. This system I use, I aquired by trading a case of chow chow for it to a city freind I know. I got the monitor by showing another freind how to make homemade wine and giving him the plums for his first try. They may have the technology, we have the skills. Its easier to get a slimline desktop on trade as there is a better market for even the older laptops, but give it a shot. By the way , my desktop and 13 in monitor only takes up a 15 in square area, a small tower can be hidden away behind the table.

-- Jay Blair (, October 12, 2000.

There are stores that buy used computers and resell them. You might have to go to a city to find one.

There are also places on the web that sell used laptops, but I have no idea whether they are honest or reliable.

-- Joy Froelich (, October 12, 2000.

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