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Some mild spoilers... nice article about Noah Wyle in the Chicago Tribune today. They talk about the decision to make Carter an addict and his future in the ER. Noah Wyle says that Carter will be watched like a hawk, not allowed to do traumas and also will have to take an anti-abuse medication (I think they are talking about something called Naproxolone? probably don't have that spelled right) And oh yes, random drug testing. Noah says the storyline is like going back to the beginning and figuring out who he's going to be during the second half of his life. So, I think dear, sweet Carter Classic is long gone :-( but hopefully we will see a stronger and more experienced Carter.

-- Tracy (, October 12, 2000


I'm sure Carter not being allowed to do traumas is very shortlived. I imagine that as each episode progresses that Carter will be allowed to do more and more procedures/duties to eventually where he will be back to full duty/responsibilities with no special restrictions. I highly doubt that any of the restrictions/testing done on him will last more than six months to a year. I imagine by the time the time Nov sweeps is over that we will have seen Carter in some trauma scenes.

-- Brenda (, October 12, 2000.

I can see Carter having to prove himself to everyone, but particulary Romano. I think the others want to trust him again, but they just need time. However, I could also see Romano keeping Carter on a very tight leash. One because Romano was left out of the whole intervention (and afterall he is the chief of staff), and two because I think that Romano would see drug addiction as a type of weakness (you know like being overly compassionate etc.). While the rest of the staff probably will have trust issues with Carter, ultimately it will be Romano who will decide when and if he is ready to start performing procedures.

-- Emma (, October 12, 2000.

Well, Carter cannot be a resident at the hospital if he is not allowed to do procedures relativly soon after he comes back to work. Carter can't complete his residency if he does not start having full duty and responsibilties that any other senior resident has. They are certainly not going to fund Carter's position as an resident if he is not allowed to do procedures soon after he returns to work. Why would a cash strapped county hospital keep a resident on the payroll for a long period of time if he is not allowed to do what is required of his position? Carter would also have some course of action if he was not allowed in a certain period of time to be allowed to perform all the duties that his job requires. As long as Carter stays clean, he would have to be allowed to treat patients including trauma as well as continue to do procedures that he is required to master before he completes his residency. That's why I think that when Carter first comes back to work he probably won't be allowed to handle trauma cases the first week or so.

However, as time goes on , he will do more and more. I don't think the the hospital can refuse to let Carter do procedures for too long before it would become a discrimination issue. As long as Carter keeps passing his random drug testing for the required period of time they cannot refuse to let him get the same training as any other senior resident would get. I also think there is a limit to how long Carter will not be allowed to write narcotic prescriptions. I think Carter will have some form restrictions placed on him the first 4-6 months he is back to work. After that I think it will be lifted. I doubt we will see any of this be on his permanent record if he stays clean. Once he finishes his residency , I doubt there will be one thing in his record that shows that he ever had a drug problem. I think Carter will start being able to do more and more procedures and traumas within the first few months. He will be watched closly until he regains their trust. However, even during that stage he would be allowed to treat patients, write prescriptions, and work in trauma cases. He would be supervised some as a senior resident to begin with. However , he will be watched more at first. I think Kerry and the attendings are the ones that will be the ones to decide when Carter does stuff and when he will be start not being watched more than the other senior residents. I think Romano will come down hard on Kerry and tell her that it is her responsibilty to make sure that Carter is ready to do certain things. I'm sure Romano will make some nasty comments to Carter. But will leave the dirty work to Kerry/attendings.

-- Brenda (, October 12, 2000.

Well, the one thing I was really thinking of while watching the premiere was that I really *want* the old Carter back. Last night he seemed the same, which is good in a way, because we will get to see his friends help him through this too and not a bunch of strangers 100s of miles from home. I agree that Romano will eat this up as another person to rip into, but I am also wondering whether everyone knows about this, and if they don't, we will get to see them figure out that something is wrong because he does not have all of his rights as a doctor.

-- Elaine (, October 13, 2000.

I agree with the general consensus, that he will be watched and certain restrictions will be placed on him for a while. I think that most of friends will support him when he comes back. Romano will definitely have a field day with Carter and will take every opportunity to verbally abuse him the way he does everyone else. what about the newer members of the staff, though? They don't know him that well yet and might find it harder to trust him, people like Luka, Cleo, Abby, and Dave.

-- Laura Clemente (, October 13, 2000.

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