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Hope someone can help with this.We are to attend a court hearing on nov 23rd re home repossession.We are in arrears but our circumstances have changed dramatically in that we can pay quite abit extra towards the arrears every month.Is it worth our while writing to the building society with new proposals, can they cancel the court hearing, or is it to late for that.

We have n't consulted a lawyer as yet

-- catherine hendry (, October 12, 2000


Hi !

Could we have a litle more detail with this one ? Would need to know how much are the arrears, remaining term on the mortgage, equity/no equity, name of lender (so we know who we are dealing with)? I wouldn't offer anything until you have read the info on this website and/or posted the info so someone can help.

All the best, Vic

-- Vic Harper (, October 12, 2000.

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