otis 211 fault

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i just took on a one year old 211. i got there today on a touble call, and the on-board display read RUN 34679 2DTC i know that 2DTC means 2nd floor door timer protection clos, but what would cause this? i checked connections in the COP, pushbuttons and controller. the lamda seems to be operating properly and connected right. ??? any help would be appreciated. rob wood local #140

-- rob wood (woodmann@uswest.net), October 12, 2000


211 dtc fault

The DTC fault probably means somebody held the doors open to long or a door lock problem or trash,or spirator problems.Make sure the h.w.door closes by itself within a 1/4in. from being fully closed.

-- (kdog82@msn.com), November 10, 2000.

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