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I am a recent graduate in management, with a big interest in the new economy and a firm belief that it's the way forward. At present I'm in a dilemma regarding my career aspirations. I've got friends who are into software development and I've been advised several times to go into it as I've got the aptitude for it. At the same time however, I've got this entrepreneurial bug and a desire to start something for myself. I'm still undecided as to which area to focus on, but have this gut feeling that if I decide to focus on software development I might be unfulfilled in that area, and always feel I've missed out on something major. At the same time job security is another issue whichI think about, as well as the uncertainty surrounding an entrepreneurial venture. Please advise.

-- Paul Akpan (, October 10, 2000


I think you answered your own question Paul ie

your friends say you have an aptitude for software development but you think that you have this "entrepreneurial bug".

Now the question is, is what you think, important to you.

So the real question boils down to

Enterpreneurial Bug v Job Security

One way enterpreneurs have given themselves some kind of job security is to persuade their equally talented friends to join them. Read about how got started.

Right now you are sitting in no-mans land. If job security is what your comfortable with then job security it should be but what would I do in a similar circumstance. I would trust my gut feelings and go with that flow. If I end up arse backwards with my face flat in it, hey, that's called experience and it's experience these days that really ends up leading to that nirvana called job security.

Of course the common choice for most people is developing the "job security mindset". The "safe view" of job security can also be viewed as "job prison", and I have realized that there isn't anything in life more secure than being stuck in a prison.

-- Mark Zorro (, October 10, 2000.

Hi Paul,

I am also faced with the same dilemma. I have two job offers. One job is permanent. The other is temporary to flush out a new idea. If the idea works, the job would become permanent. Even if the idea fails, I would gain valuable experience although I'd have to find another job. Should I take something secure or risk something new? My deciding factor is which path I would regret more not taking.

Do whatever you're comfortable with because you're the one who has to live with the decision. Best wishes to you!

-- Anna Lau (, October 15, 2000.

I can't say what's best for you, but if it were me, I would take the risk. Cover yourself financially as well as you can, get good advice and do due diligence on the viability of your venture(s), and then take the leap. You'll never know unless you try!

-- Anthony R. Thompson (, October 26, 2000.

Hi, Paul,

You'll have several different jobs, positions, etc., during your worklife. Your best guess as to what to do now may look lousy after 5 or 10 years of experience. But it doesn't have to. True, some choices you make now may determine what choices are available to you later (if you go into software dev. you may feel that you can't leave that field later because you've invested time, money, effort into making that your "expertise".)

Go with your gut. Trust your intuition. It is you talking to you, at some level, and you know what's best for yourself.

In the coaching work I do with people, they get clear about their aspirations, their goals, their values, and how to align them so that they feel connected and satisfied with the work they are doing.

This feeling of "missing out" on something isn't age-bound, but it isn't always related to a job ... for some of us it is a view we have of life in general, and it can be something that gets in our way of committing to a path and truly enjoying whatever it is we are up to.

If you'd like to continue this conversation, I'll offer you a free 30-minute coaching session to help you sort out what actions you can take to resolve the dilemma.

Good luck. Camille President, Work In Progress Coaching ~Unleash your potential ~ Office: (831) 685-1480

-- camille a. smith (, January 29, 2002.

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