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Have you ever received one of the Halifax's "Estimated" claim letters?


Have you ever received one of the Halifax's "Tick the box" forms in reply to your DPA Subject Access Rights Request?

Then if you have then please read my postings to this forum titled;

"The HALIFAX - DPA Subject Access Rights - An Update" or "The HALIFAX "Estimated Shortfall" Letter - A Guide."

I have now made formal complaints to the Trading Standards Office and the Data Protection Commissioner regarding the Halifax's use of the above letter and form. I would like, if required, to be able to demonstrate the actual extent to which their use extends. A number of readers have already informed me of their views but I would like to add more to the list.

Therefore if after having read the relevant posting, you then form the opinion that you may have been deceived, then please express your concerns by contributing an answer (Just click on the button at the bottom of this page). If you would prefer, please feel free to E-mail me privately.

Thank You,

-- Tony Hayter (, October 10, 2000


Hello Tony,

Thanks for the E mail.

Yes I will support you with the deceipt of the Halifax. I have scanned the form before I sent it back with my #10 postal order, and I never gave it a thought until you brought it to light, I had a look at the DPA on the website about Subject Access and it does state that we should be able to see all data as long as we request it in writing and enclose the fee requested.

Any help I can give I will

-- christine singleton (, October 13, 2000.

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