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Has any one used this developer ?? I am keen in mixing it myself and use it with the Agfapan APX 100. The recipe is from THE FILM DEVELOPMENT COOKBOOK. Would greatly appreciate your ideas !!! Many thanks, Stavros

-- Stavros V. (stavros@athensintercon.gr), October 10, 2000


I have used a few kits of the FX1. It is very sharp and gives a unique look to your pictures. It really compensates, so printing is easy. My only complaint is the formula does not store well. Use up what ever you make.

-- John Clark (john.e.clark@starstream.com), October 11, 2000.


I would be interested in reading about your results. I have been toying with the idea of trying FX1 with Plus X 220. Any information, findings, and/or feelings about the developer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, ~james

-- james sobhani (bjs@briefcase.com), October 29, 2000.

I tried FX1 a couple of years ago, before my unexpected hiatus on photo activity. My observations at the time:

a/ very,very economical - how about 1 UK pence per film dev cost? b/ up to a half-to-1 stop increase in "speed" (both claimed and observed, but I have yet to confirm it densitometrically) This strangely holds true only for slower films speeds (anyone?) c/ Acutance (perceived sharpness)is high, or at least noticeable compared with everything else I have used in the past d/ the resulting neg is quite high in contrast, with nice clean highlights, without being difficult to print, courtesy of the semi- compensating action e/ handy for street photography. The result "looks" sharper(acutance effect), more accurately exposed(compensation),more snappilly printed (the "soot and whitewash effect"),economical(for bulk film burners). I used FP4 instead of my normal HP5+D76 street combo

I wonder why it isn't more popular? I currently have 10x30metres of unbranded 100ISO neg stock in the freezer and a box of raw chemicals waiting for a fortnight of experimentation, if I can find the time. Speaking of times, my notes say (at 20C): FP4 - 12-14 mins, APX25 13mins. I have heard that most films need from 12-18 minutes in FX1 at 20C, so it could be that you can combine different film types in the same tank.

PS it needs to be stored in the dark to last. Use a dark bottle or wrap bottle in a black plastic bag.

-- Gord Slater (sssnaps@aol.com), November 14, 2000.

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