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I have a computer training room with ten computers. It is well sited and attractive. I train all Microsoft user packages. I can not attract sufficient learners. What other products can I train usuing my computers or my facilitings.

-- michael plumstead (, October 10, 2000


First of all Micheal, read this article about Happy Computers

The first question that comes to my mind is whether you are offering people training on Microsoft packages or a chance for them to learn a brand new skill for the new economy? In other words are you selling steak or the sizzle?

People do want to learn about the internet and I presume that you offer Microsoft Frontpage as one of your Microsoft user packages. XML as a programming language is something that is beginning to establish itself as the B2B language of choice (even if no one has actually set one particular standard for it).

Teaching people how to use the internet and how to connect to it may be just as important to people as advanced programming skills, so survey your market and see what people really need in your area and then start developing some short and long term plans to cater for those expectations.

-- Mark Zorro (, October 10, 2000.

You may want to consider what the community around you needs. Start there, remember is you are not filling a need no one will come to your beautiful training center. Consider if people have access to the internet? If not, you may want to advertise your training center as a place where poeple can check their email. Or maybe the surrounding community is in need of learning how to create a website? The whole key is to find and itch and scratch it by offering the right service and your place will become packed!!

-- Jaqueline Edwards (, October 16, 2000.

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