Was This A Seaborad Diner

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There is a diner (Amtrak?) #8011 on the eastern shore of VA that might have been SBD. I am trying to find out it's ancestry. I used to have a file of older Amtrak cars, but it is damaged now. I have the chapter's latest books but still can't find out anything about it. I've looked thru the fourm's older q&a's also. So now I go to the pro's. Can anyone tell me about this car?

Thanks Tommy Arthur Suffolk VA tommy@arthurtransport.com

-- Tommy Arthur (tommy@arthurtransport.com), October 09, 2000


Tommy, Doug has it right on the money AMTK 8011 ex SCL 5911, ex SAL 6106. Budd 1947 on plan/lot 9624-009.

-- Clifford P. Kendall (cpkendall@aol.com), October 15, 2000.

Thanks. I've heard a lot of good things about the Suffolk station, and one of my favorite shots was an H. Reid taken of a westbound SAL passenger train leaving there on Dec. 29, 1949--the day I was born.

-- Doug Riddell (railroaddoug@erols.com), October 13, 2000.

Thanks, Doug. The person that owns it wants to re-letter it, thought it was Seaboard, but didn't know the number. By the way, the Seaboard station in Suffolk looks really nice on the outside. PS enjoyed your book Tommy

-- Tommy Arthur (tommy@arthurtransport.com), October 10, 2000.

Amtrak 8011 is ex-SCL 5911 (according to Frailey's "Zephyrs, Chiefs 7 Other Orphans". If they were consecutively numbered, that should most likely make it ex-SAL 6106 (according to Wayner's "Car Names, Numbers and Consists"), a 1947 Budd product.

-- Doug Riddell (railroaddoug@erols.com), October 09, 2000.

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