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I stopped at the grocery on the way home from work, and spied the headlines. I just read the first page, but that was spooky enough. If any of you folks are into Biblical prophecy, it is enough to send chills down your spine.

We had to eat our way thru most of our Y2K prepps this summer when Hubby was injured and off work for six weeks. He's back now, as am I; and all this makes me want to stock back up again. ENTIRELY too much goin' on.

-- Leann Banta (, October 09, 2000


On the internet patriot sites they predicted the government would be wagging the dog in October due to the upcoming court revelations of Gore and Clinton. There are wars everyday. They only get apocolyptic when the government wants the media to distract us. Either that or the end is really here:)

-- Epona (, October 09, 2000.

Well, the Bush family have large stock interest in Colt Arms which have the goverment contracts on most of our basic assualt rifles. Daddy Bush hired Cheney for his uneducated son. Cheney is a war monger and will jump at the first opportunity for war and the Bush fortune will double overnight ! I predicted this and you watch and see. This ain't about nothing but money ! No one pays 60 million to be president without some hope of recouping his losses and war pays--Yes sir , War is the ultimate investment !

You think he murdered people in Texas ? Just wait, he was just warming up ! He'll have half your kids and grandkids in body bags before his second term.

-- Joel Rosen (, October 09, 2000.

This could have been a headline for the last 51.5 years. The Israeli military is always poised for war.

Sells a lot of papers I bet! (And not to belittle the current mid- East situation.) I find it a bit tense, as well.

-- sheepish (, October 09, 2000.

Yawn! This is only something like the 12th Israeli/Palestinean mimi-war in the past 50 years. Chances are there will be another 12 in the next 50. Is it likely to spread. No. Who is to back the Palestineans? Do they own any oil or other resources? No. Even if all of the Arabian countries went against the Israels would the U.S. send combat forces? Probably not. Amply supplies, yes. Would the Russians intervene? How? Both Syria and Jordan have new, young leadership. Iranians are become more pro-Western. Iraq's Hussain may be a pitbull, but one who knows if he bites he will get his ass kicked good and proper. Saudi Arabia just wants to keep out of it all. Who's left to spark 'the war' for those who are waiting for the end of the world? Get real. War has been an occupation, sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time, of mankind since at least Caen and Abel, probably since the first ape learned to use a rock or club as a weapon. True world peace, no. Periodic hot spots, yes.

Joel, as a percent of the overall military strength for eight years, exactly how many did President Bush have sent home in bodybags? Maybe something like .000001 percent. Many more military have died from other causes than armed conflicts since Vietnam. How in the world can you say his son will be a warmonger??? President Clinton deployed more troops to trouble spots than the previous five or six Presidents. Who is warming up for him? Gore?

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, October 09, 2000.

I do think it is frightening in light of prophecy! It isn't just another micro war as most of you seem to think. Look at the UN and it's attempts. Israel is not the group that started this conflagration. Arafat said they were taking over Temple Mount on the 13th of September, but then he backed off, is this the "guerilla" version?

If the US joins with the UN and goes against Israel, it will not be pretty.

I don't think Bush has anything to do with this. I would suspect Clinton if we have any "terrorist" actions in this country (echelon, can you hear me?) prior to the elections, as I still think he is looking for a way to keep his megalomaniac power addiction happy.

-- Doreen (, October 09, 2000.

I never have called Desert Storm a war. Swartzcoff called the shots and would not commit to foot assualt until the enemy was bombed to submision. He remembered Viet Nam. Who is there to remember this time ? There were many mistakes covered up in Iraq and our hit to miss ratios were embarrassing. Actually the whole exercise was bombing practice, camping trip, and the worlds largest food bank as we fed the Iraq's army for a year. We tore up more of our equipment than we did damage to theirs. However, George sold a lot of guns !

Now we will have a weapons dealer as commander of/in mis-chief with a dedicated war monger in his ear. Daddy Bush put Cheney in his pocket to cover his boy's inexperience. So now we have big business at stake, no real veterans running the armed forces--just college boys dressed in pretty ribbons. Body Bags ? We'll be asking our enemy to loan us some.

-- Joel Rosen (, October 09, 2000.

Does anyone else see a connection between this and the sky high gas and oil prices?

-- Rebekah (, October 09, 2000.

I can't stand to read the paper or watch the news .How could people act like animals ? Well that would be another thread and yes it's scary .And as far as the gas prices I think the oil companies are just setting the prices at the flip of a coin .We went to a big town about an hour away and gas prices varied up or down 10 cents a gallon .

-- Patty Gamble (, October 10, 2000.

I would agree with Doreen. Israel has and always will be the focus of world affairs, in regards to scripture. Will be interesting to see how this plays out, it must surely get worse before the one who is able to bring, miracle of miracle, peace! At least for a time.

I will also be watching how the UN and the United States handles this current situation. BTW, I just heard on the radio news, Israel has given more time to the Palestines to end the hostility.. with more negotiating to be held. Will wait and see. God Bless! Wendy

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (, October 10, 2000.

Internet rumors are sometimes just that, but sometimes there is more than a little truth to them. It has been rumored for a while now that the real reason oil prices are going up is so that when the Middle Eastern nations decide to jump on Israel and get rid of that recurring pain in the rump, the US will be less than happy to jump in and defend Israel. The idea is supposed to be that it will make the American people unwilling to offer up their oil in exchange for Israel's continuing existence. I personally have no problem with Israel fading away. I do not believe the "prophecies" connected with Israel. I do believe that Israel will sell us and any one else at a heartbeat, all the time smiling at us while they stick the knife in and twist it. All foriegn policy is that way to a large degree, but the Israelies carry it to a fine art.

Another rumor is that the leader of Israel contacted our fearless leader Clinton and asked what day would be a good day to start the war so that we would be available instantly to back up Israel.

As Epona said, it has been rumored on patriot stations that there will be an "October surprise" or wag the dog scenario before the elections. What are a few thousand American lives worth, anyway? And so what if an election ploy costs the American taxpayers a few billion dollars?

-- Green (, October 10, 2000.

A little known fact about modern day Israel...

One third of all their water comes through Arab territory. Despite all the sabre rattling, despots, wars, bullets and bombs, the Arabs have NEVER shut off the water. Why? Because of one simple fact that Americans just can't understand. People living in the Middle East are crazy, but they're not stupid. They tolerate a certain level of violence that we can't comprehend. And that's why both Arabs and to some extent Isralies get so annoyed by American meddling. When it comes to Middle east politics, they know that Americans are NOT crazy, but they ARE stupid.

I think that there already has been an "October suprise". Both Barack and Arafat are flipping the bird at Clinton.


-- Craig Miller (, October 10, 2000.

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