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Saudi Arabia warns Israel against attacking Lebanon and Syria Monday, 9 October 2000 13:34 (ET)

Saud Arabia warns Israel against attacking Lebanon and Syria

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- Saudi Arabia warned Israel Monday against launching any military attacks against Lebanon and Syria, saying it will not let such a move pass without taking action.

The official Saudi Press Agency quoted Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz as saying that his country "and the entire Arab and Islamic nation will not sit idly by" if Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak makes good on his threats to strike Lebanon and Syria after Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas captured three Israeli soldiers on Saturday.

He was speaking in a hospital in the capital, Riyadh, after visiting about 50 Palestinians being treated for injuries sustained during Palestinian-Israeli clashes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Prince Abdullah urged Barak to "think before he makes any move that could not possibly be contemplated in reality or in dream, and no one should imagine that Saudi Arabia will sit idly by...I say that with the knowledge of our duties towards our greater nation."

He would not say what his country would do should Israel launch an attack against Syria or Lebanon, saying "We'll see when the time comes."

He added that his country, which will participate in an emergency Arab summit in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Oct. 21-22, will support any unified Arab position that would "support the our brothers in occupied Palestinian."

Meanwhile, the agency also quoted the crown prince as saying that his brother, King Fahd, had contributed $8 million (30 million riyals ) "to the Palestinian heroes of the uprising," in reference to the Palestinian confrontations with Israeli troops that erupted in the Palestinian territories.

He said that he donated $2.6 (10 million riyals) and called on all Saudis to contribute funds to support the Palestinians, saying that it was the "least we could do for their and our common cause."

Prince Abdullah added that it was "time for the Israeli side and all those who are concerned with the (stalled Mideast) peace process to know what al-Aqsa means to us as Arabs and Muslims in terms of history and ideology, and there will be no compromise on it."

The Palestinian-Israeli clashes were sparked after Israeli right-wing leader Ariel Sharon visited Jerusalem's Haram al-Sharif, where al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam's holiest shrines, is located. The Arab and Muslim world have categorically rejected any Israeli sovereignty over the Muslim holy sites in the city.

The crown prince was quoted as emotionally telling the injured Palestinians that their wounds "are not injuries, but an honorable medal you received with your struggle and courage, for every drop of Arab blood that watered the land of Palestine is water for the plants of dignity and heroism."


-- Carl Jenkins (, October 09, 2000

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