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Several times during the debate (1999 in NH with Bradley), and again yesterday, Gore insisted that he has always supported both a woman's right to choose an abortion and Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that ensured that right.

In the debate's aftermath, Gore found himself closely questioned on his abortion position on a morning call-in show on New Hampshire Public Radio. The first caller, a woman who said she watched the debate, declared, ''I understand if you've changed your position during your career. I'm just having a hard ... I don't know how I can support your candidacy if you're dishonest about such an important subject, and especially on national television.''

Gore reassured the woman, saying he had always supported Roe v. Wade, though he noted that ''sometimes early in my career I voted to restrict federal funding of abortions.'' Nonetheless, he said, ''I've always supported Roe v. Wade. I've always supported keeping abortions legal....''

A review of Gore's congressional voting record shows that, as a House member from Tennessee, Gore voted in 1977 for an amendment that said, in part, that abortion ''takes the life of an unborn child who is a living human being,'' and that no right to abortion ''is secured by the Constitution.''

In 1984, Gore also supported an amendment to a civil rights bill that would, in one clause, have redefined the term ''person'' to include ''unborn children from the moment of conception.'' The amendment failed, but the National Abortion Rights Action League at the time said its effect would have been to end federal funding for hospitals that perform abortions.

Gore Was Pro-Life as a Congressman. "It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I hope that some day we will see the current outrageously large number of abortions drop sharply. . . . Let me assure you that I share your belief that innocent human life must be protected . . . In my opinion, it is wrong to spend federal funds for what is arguably the taking of a human life. . . ." (Letter from Rep. Al Gore to a Constituent, 7/18/84) Gore had a high rating from the antiabortion movement (an 84 rating), and a similar letter to a constituent in 1987, can be found in a 1999 biography, ''Gore: A Political Life,'' by former ABC News reporter Bob Zelnick.

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And we all know why. He sways with the polls. He learned well from his father.

-- Maria (, October 09, 2000.

I've said it 100s of times. When Clintstone was in big trouble I was one of the people who would pray that nothing happened that allowed alBore to become Pres. A rooting pig with a brain is easy to spot, a weasal who changes colors hourly is not. At least, Clintstone was basically honest about himself: "Here I am, I'm a politician and I'll do whatever and BTW I be yo' Pres." With alBore you get the Uriah Heap humble act that makes Nixon a candidate for Sainthood. EVEN HIS FELLOW CONGRESSPEOPLE didn't like "Prince Albert", Preppy Pretended "Populist".

Even the NY Times, the almost Pink voice of the East Coast Liberals has some questions about alBore's "veracity". THREE stories today are very "grey" about alBore. We get his "taking the high ground" with no "personal attacks" BUT....HIS people and HIS campaign strategy are for them to attach HIS opponent. NATIONAL HEADLINES The New York Times on the Web Monday, October 9, 2000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Locked in a Dead Heat, Both Sides Drop Civility Two top Bush advisers  Karl Rove, chief strategist, on NBC's "Meet the Press," and Karen P. Hughes, communications director, on "Fox News Sunday"  called Mr. Gore "a serial exaggerator." "This is a man who has difficulty telling the truth," Mr. Rove said. "He constantly exaggerates and embellishes." In the debate, he said, Mr. Gore had exaggerated "about being at the Parker County fires." In fact, Mr. Gore had said in the debate, "I accompanied James Lee Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out." He never said he went to Parker County or to the fires. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Republicans countered that the Democrats were trying to distract voters' attention from Mr. Gore's own shortcomings. NY Times: The Democratic strategy calls for Mr. Gore to delegate the attacks to his aides so he can maintain his pledge to remain above the fray. Gore Camp, but Not Gore, Plans to Assail Bush's Record Oct. 8  As Vice President Al Gore fends off attacks on his credibility, his campaign and Democratic surrogates are planning a multimedia offensive this week that assails Gov. George W. Bush over his record in Texas and his occasional slips of the tongue, Gore aides said today. SNIP In addition, Mr. Lieberman will be dispatched to Texas for a "failed leadership tour" this week, and Mr. Andrew will hold a news conference on the subject here on Monday. Other surrogates, including members of Congress, also will be used, said Douglas Hattaway, a Gore spokesman. SNIP . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Even NY Times doesn't believe alBore "The Clinton administration merits credit for some early deficit reduction and for letting the Federal Reserve have its independence, and that's it," Mr. Jasinowski said. "The amount of credit the administration gets is a bronze medal behind the Federal Reserve and the private sector's expansion of productivity." xxxxxxxxxxxxx Roots of Prosperity Reach Past Clinton Years Many economists say it is a stretch to suggest that the powerful economic expansion of the 1990's was born with the passage of a 1993 plan in which Vice President Al Gore cast the tie-breaking vote. SNIP Indeed, there were already powerful forces reshaping the economy before the deficit reduction plan passed. SNIP "That's when everything really came together," said Albert Yu, a senior vice president at Intel, describing the atmosphere of rapid- fire progress in the technology business in 1993. SNIP Dana G. Mead, who through most of the decade held the No. 1 or No. 2 jobs at Tenneco, a sprawling conglomerate, said that by 1993 his company and others were seeing the combined effects of more aggressive management efforts to cut costs and years of investment in automation and information technology.

"In the early 1990's, after a decade of this investment, we were finally beginning to see real improvement," Mr. Mead said.

So convinced was Mr. Mead that businesses were operating in a fundamentally more efficient way that he took his message directly to Mr. Greenspan at the Fed in 1995. If the Fed could be convinced that corporate America was better at absorbing costs and producing more for less, Mr. Mead said, then perhaps the Fed would not be so quick to raise interest rates when economic growth picked up.

-- cpr (, October 09, 2000.

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