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David Brooks,, 8/2/00

-- Lars (, October 08, 2000



What is, a website for homo hairstylists?

Bush has got every kind of weirdo in the book supporting him, including Marilyn Manson. Nothing so amazing about that.

-- (what's@your.point?), October 09, 2000.

I enjoy Salon's political coverage. They have writers for every side of the coin. Here's another more recent article you may enjoy, Lars.

Hot off the Press - Cheney

-- Anita (, October 09, 2000.

What's my point? Duuuh. The point was to present an articulate pro-Bush opinion from a non-partisan source. As Anita's post shows, Salon presents many opinions and is not a mouthpiece for one party or the other. I think it is the source of Unc's Paglia pieces. (Paglia is an independent thinker with Libertarian inclinations).

-- Lars (, October 09, 2000.

The piece on Cheney was a HATCHET JOB ....big time. Author left out that Senator Clean even stated during the debate that Cheney was a good member of the Cabinet AND Congress and they are in opposite parties. So since Lieberman can't make any personal charges (the job of the VP candidate, some HACK writer copies from the Democratic Party smear sheets). He even inserts a flat out LIE that even alBore wouldn't try...the charge that Cheney made big money because of Gov't contracts. BULL SHIT. TRY THIS: Gov't work 3.5 bill /5 years : 700 mill/year RIGHT?

Now: last 12 months to date : HALLIBURTON (HAL) NYSE: REVS: $13 BILLION.

700/13000 --> 00.0538 OR....... 5.38% BIG WHOOP. OR 94.62 % WAS ***NON-GOV WORK***.

HALLIBURTON DID GOV. WORK LONG BEFORE CHENEY WAS CEO. As an "Oil Field Vendor" and many other things, it probably doesn't come across that much Govt Work ANYWAY. The rest of the piece is NIT PICKING THAT BELONGS IN A COTTON FIELD. HAVE YOU VOTED IN .....EVERY .......SCHOOL ELECTION?? I live in the same HPISD mentioned in the article. We have a TOTAL of 33,000 absolute SAINTS living here (there was one Democrat (Conservative but still......) but she got sent by Clintstone to be Ambassador to Austria) and maybe we get 35% turn out of the voters.

MEANWHILE......the Salon piece on Bush's Texas efforts is **FACTUAL**. html His administration worked quickly and effectively. Bush is no policy genius, but he does have an instinct for the bold move and then sticks with aides who draw up the plans. His administration suggested a bold tax reform package, which moved the state's revenue base from income to property taxes. It infuriated members of the business community, who were scarcely paying taxes under the income tax regime, and in the end he had to compromise away key elements of the plan (it was the state Republicans who opposed it). But in that episode he demonstrated a surprising penchant for innovation.

He was more successful with his education reform package, which was also unconventional, and which passed. The Rand Corporation recently ranked Texas as the state whose school system has made the most progress in the last few years.

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Bush has run a superb presidential campaign, much better than Bob Dole, for all his experience, was able to run; much better than Bush the elder was able to run in either 1988 or 1992. Again, he has attracted an outstanding and loyal staff and he's shown the instinct for the bold idea. Most GOP candidates would not have endorsed a Social Security reform plan that involved letting people open private accounts. It's a politically risky venture. But Bush exceeds expectations.

Now you might think that being nice is no great shakes. Aren't all politicians nice? You naive fool. In fact, most politicians who are mad enough to run for president are not nice. They are freaks. They are solipsists. They are consumed by a desire for power or a desire to be loved all the time. They can only think of their Queen Bee selves. That's why so few presidents actually have close friends. Either they are aloof from anybody who could possibly address them as an equal (like Nixon) or they have personally useful contacts in place of friendship (like Clinton), and they discard those people when they are no longer useful.

Look at Al Gore. He is a deeply un-nice man. He was an unpopular senator because no one could penetrate his phoniness. Unlike Bush, he has not been able to attract and retain talented staff. Bush has created a smooth-running campaign team. Gore runs through people at an alarming rate, and many (though not all) of the Gore people are un-nice -- ask the reporters who have to cover the campaign.

On foreign policy matters, for example, Bush has attracted the policy wonk version of the 1927 Yankees. You look at the people who will fill key slots in his administration, from C olin Powell and Condoleezza Rice down through less-prominent advisors such as Bob Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz. They are the best out there. Gore has not acquired a talented foreign policy team. He is aloof from most experts except one: a man named Leon Feurth, who is also secretive and distant.

Bush wasn't my first choice this year. I was one of those media McCain sycophants. But I've come to appreciate that while Bush appears callow, he continually exceeds expectations. And he does it not through force of intellect but through force of personality. We are lucky enough this year to have a man running for president who has not spent his life consumed by the idea that he must be president.

In other words we are lucky to have a relatively normal person running for president. Maybe Willy Loman was right: It's important to be liked and even more important to be well liked.

-- cpr (, October 09, 2000.

??? ....A deeply "un-nice man"... alBore???.... html Look at Al Gore. He is a deeply un-nice man. He was an unpopular senator because no one could penetrate his phoniness. Unlike Bush, he has not been able to attract and retain talented staff. Bush has created a smooth-running campaign team. Gore runs through people at an alarming rate, and many (though not all) of the Gore people are un-nice -- ask the reporters who have to cover the campaign. .html

Al Gore- leone
Is the vice president really a nice guy or a goodfella?

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Jake Tapper

Feb. 23, 2000 |The father -- feeble but still wise -- is talking to his son in the family garden. The son, with a chiseled face and jet-black hair, looks at his dad with a mixture of reverence and sympathy as the old man bestows his last bit of wisdom upon the young man who has succeeded him in the family business.

"I worked my whole life -- I don't apologize -- to take care of my family," the father says. "And I refused to be a fool dancing on the string held by all those big shots. I don't apologize, that's my life. But I thought that when it was your time that you would be the one to hold the strings. 'Senator Corleone.' 'Governor Corleone.' Something."

How about "Vice President Corleone"?

Dragged back in the reality of the Big City, however, the sons took to the family business like fish to water. In 1976, Gore won a multichallenger race by working his butt off, shaking hands, kissing babies, doing what he needed to do.

Corleone, too.

And once there, it all seemed so natural. Like Corleone, Gore seems to have made his peace long ago with the ugly world of politics. "I'm really comfortable with the trade-offs involved," Gore once said. "I have no complaints with this job, I really don't ..."

-- cpr (, October 09, 2000.


It's a "smear job" when it's against your candidate, but it's the truth when it's against someone else's? Do you like this link better?

< a href="">More on Cheney


Paglia is a Naderite. Your neurons are misfiring again, it seems. I know the feeling well.


-- Anita (, October 09, 2000.

Did I have one space too many in that first link?

More on Cheney

-- Anita (, October 09, 2000.


My neurons may be getting the best of me but I am sure I have seen Paglia identify herself in the past as a Libertarian. Whatever, she is an independent and original thinker with the fastest tongue in the West.

-- Lars (, October 09, 2000.


Maybe she's a "swing" voter.

-- Anita (, October 09, 2000.

LOL, is this a sly reference to her bisexuality? I didn't mean it to be, but "fastest tongue in the West" could also be taken that way.

-- Lars (, October 09, 2000.

Well, since you explained it, it makes more sense, but I'm not impressed. Did you assume that everyone knows that is a non-partisan source? Duuuh!

-- (salon@means.nothing), October 09, 2000.


What did you do to screw up this thread? I get 8 Java Script error dialog boxes every time I open the thread and every time I close it ever since you added your replies. I don't get that on any other thread. Please fix it if you can. Thanks.

-- Lars (, October 09, 2000.

"means nothing"--

Of course.

-- Lars (, October 09, 2000.

Anita, Lars,

Paglia is like Ken Decker, a Libertarian of sorts. Hell, y'all could probably even say that of me, as I realise that there are some things that are best handled by government.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 09, 2000.

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