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What do you think of the new Radiohead album? I'm undecided - it's a bit odd but I think it may be a grower. One review said, "It sounds like the secondary school orchestra rehearsing as the Sixth Form rock band play in the next room. I'm tempted to agree.

-- Tim (, October 08, 2000


I just finished listening to it. It's gorgeous. Orchestral. Amazing. It's creeping and slow, making it a definite grower. At first listen, you're either entranced and then bored by it, but as time passes, the boredom goes away. It's not as accessible as OK Computer. It's obviously colder than OK Computer, but it gets into you, seeps into your mind and skin, and makes you feel weird. It makes you feel like you're living in the future where it's cold and scary, but at the same time, fascinating. You can't peel your eyes away from it all. It's like being in a big city for the first time. You don't like being so small, but then you can't live without being that small because it put things in perspective. Kid A doesn't put things into perspective, but it does make you think about everything. It confuses you. It frustrates you. It depresses you. But at the end of it all, you're all right.

Radiohead makes album equivalents of cities.

-- Krys (, October 08, 2000.

Now I'm not really sure to regret not purchasing it at the CD sale today or not. There were 23470234234 thousand copies available, for only #10.99 each, but for some reason, while I bought albums by Aerosmith, The Troggs, Duran Duran and (please kill me, I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about) Slipknot, Radiohead went unbought. Oh well, I'm sure there's five hundred times more copies still available in any given record store.

-- Zed (, October 09, 2000.

Naw, Radiohead's so good because they can be either background music or do-nothing-else-but-listen music. They're good to go along with a whole lot of stuff, and there's always more to find in their songs. I've only listened to Kid A about three times through, so I've got a lot yet to figure out. I'll keep ya posted. Maybe.

-- laura (, October 09, 2000.

track one - everything in its right place is in my head. I just keep repeating that part that goes ' its riiiight its riiiight place.

a very mesmorising album. I put it on in the background while mom did her work today and she accidently typed 'Yoga Kid A' in the title box for eBay [she was trying to sell a yoga video]. I think people would go for some kid a yoga...haha.

-- Amber (, October 10, 2000.

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