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A friend of mine is currently writing "ER" fanfics and was wondering what anybody knows about Carter's family. We've seen his grandparents (Millicent and?) and Chase, and I think his father's name is "Roland," but I'm not positive. How about his mother? I know his brother died when he was young, but did he have any other siblings? Any other cousins? Sorry for asking all these questions, but it would really help Megan out!

Thanks in advance!

Jessica ;-)

-- Jessica (, October 08, 2000


I think his late brother's name was Bobby. We don't know his mother's name. It's been said that he has a sister named Barbara, but I don't know where people got that from.

-- Tracy (, October 08, 2000.

Carter definately mentions that he has a sister in "John Carter, M.D" but I don't remember him saying what her name was. We also know that he has at least one other cousin, Elaine's ex-husband. (His name was mentioned, I just can't remember if off the top of my head). On the subject of Carter's parents, we've never seen them or heard their names, but I do seem to remember that, even though they didn't approve of his career choice, Carter once mentioned that his father wanted him to go into cardiology.

-- Tori (, October 08, 2000.

Oh yeah, I've just remembered. Carter's cousin was called Douglas. Hope this helps.

-- Tori (, October 08, 2000.

Carter's sister Barbara lives out of the country. (He mentioned his parents going to visit her in one of the earlier seasons.)

-- Mary (, October 08, 2000.

Was Douglas' last name Carter too? Do we know if he and Chase are brothers? We need a family tree to chart this out. :)

-- Diana (, October 09, 2000.

No, we do not know if Douglas and Chase are brothers, while Carter and Chase were talking in on episode, they mentioned him, and I think he was Elaine's ex-husband. I don't think they mentioned if his last name was Carter or not.

-- Mary (, October 09, 2000.

Well, There's Gamma (Millicent Carter), Gramps(John Truman Carter Sr.), Chase, Barbra, Bobby, Ellenor Carter, John Truman Carter Jr., Chase's parents,Douglas, and, obviously, Carter himself. However, Barbra may or may not be Carter's sister, but she's definitley been mentioned. If she's not his sister, then we don't know what his sister's name is, and Barbra is apparently yet another cousin. We don't know what Chase's parents names are (they were in Singapore at the time of his overdose), but one of his parents is presumably Carter's father's brother or sister because he was so involved in the Carter Family Foundation. I believe Douglas is also one of the cousins on his dads side because he was also apparently quite involved in the Foundation because Elaine was still going to their functions (Even in divorce Gamma still has her claws in you? ~Carter to Elaine) and last but not least Bobby and Gramps (If that's what he calls him, I got it from My Brothers Keeper") are obviously dead.

-- Teddy (, September 30, 2001.

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