Gore caught in new lie

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He made the claim that he was tying his own shoes when he was four. Turns out he didn't have his first pair of lace up footware until he turned FIVE.

This guy is DANGEROUS and needs to be held accountable for all these flagrant LIES. Vote for Bush. Bush will SAVE us. Right Unk?

-- (Inpector12@politics.usual), October 08, 2000


Heeee heee heee! Be careful now, this kind of thing is very important in Unk's mind. You might cause him to have a stroke.

-- uncle poobah (macho@mental.midget), October 08, 2000.

Tipper is no stranger to falsehoods either. She's been telling Al that her orgasms were real for years and it turns out she's been faking them all along. Will the duplicity never end?????

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), October 08, 2000.

Hummm -- you would not, perchance, have a link on this, would you? Perferably one with good graphics?

-- E.H. Porter (Just Wondering@about.it), October 08, 2000.

So saying that you could tie your shoes one year ahead of when you could indeed do it would NOT be stretching the truth? Is that a lie or not? Or are lies only lies when they pass a certain level of importance? And if you think such lies are dangerous that is fine with me. Myself, I think such compulsive lying merely points to a person's true nature and lack of character.

PS, mental midget, please show me where I endorsed Bush.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 08, 2000.

hmmmmm: Women fake orgasms all the time. If I were married to Al, I'd fake them too.

-- Mrs. Cleaver (Mrs. Cleaver@LITBBB.vcom), October 08, 2000.

"please show me where I endorsed Bush"

"While I will not vote for Bush, I think we would be better off with a guy who has trouble with pronounciation rather than a guy who cannot stop lying."

You claim you will not vote for him, but this is an endorsement nonetheless.

-- (obvious@rightwing.bias), October 08, 2000.

Fair enough! I will always admit when I have been shown wrong, thank- you.

Consider it retracted.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 08, 2000.

That's the smallest lie he has been caught in for awhile. Too bad they are not all this inconsequential.

-- Inspector 13 (busy@inspecting.lies), October 08, 2000.

Name 'em asshole.

If I have been wrong I can admit it, unlike some others, some un- named others in public life.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 08, 2000.

Hmmmmm, mebbe that wasn't directed at me, LOL! I'm under attack! Hee hee!

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), October 08, 2000.

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