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This article might interest anyone thinking of moving to Arizona, but this type of bureaucracy is happening all over the country. Before you build your homestead, make sure that you can do it according to the laws of your city, county, state, or country, and then check again to make sure.

-- Mary (, October 08, 2000


Mary, never made it to the land rights archive. Got side tracked looking around this excellent site. Thanks

-- John in S. IN (, October 08, 2000.

Really bites.

-- Jay Blair (, October 08, 2000.

I would not have paid for aerial photographs of my property. Of coarse I have made enough public comments on Janet Reno's gender that she has taken more than enough anyway. Need aerial photographs of your land ? Just say something nasty about or to a public official than ask them for copies ! It does really bite !

-- Joel Rosen (, October 08, 2000.

I recall about a yr or so ago there was a website listed on the msn homepage to get an ariel view of you property,. I never did find ours as it took soooo much time to sort through VA., i'd still be looking as Victoria is at the end. But I recall at the time I was very concerned about that. these phots were supposduly taken from military flights it said on the site. Oh well... fried my modem on that puter and never did find the site again. i'll have to check your site out Ken.

-- Bernice (, October 08, 2000.

i was real shocked about 6 mon. ago when my neighbor called the dept.of ag. soil conservation division on me and they came out to "look" around and presented me w/ a arial photo of my was taken 1yr. earlier but you could clearly see everything on my property,animals, cars and husband in the garden working. i asked why they had it and was told every property was photographed every few years to keep on record and also used by the tax folks to see if any improvments were made that were not reported.we are due next year for a photo update, i have always wanted to "bait" them and see how far they would take it. husband loves the idea we just have not thought of what to do or how to figure out when they are going to do it. i am sure it must be done in a grid pattern but i dont know where they start,i will have to keep[ an eye in the sky.

-- renee oneill (, October 09, 2000.

Renee, A neighbor of mine has a very large aviary and because of the summer's heat they covered the top with black plastic to keep the birds cool. A helicopter searching for marijuana buzzed their property so low, the wind almost broke their windows. They were trying to get low enough to see under the black plastic! You might try a smaller version of this and see if you get a visit from the local gendarmes.

Also, does everyone know that the optics on spy satellites are so good that they can read the address on an envelope you take out of your mailbox? No one can be totally private from Big Brother.


-- Mary of East TN (, October 09, 2000.

Speaking of aerial photographs...

I have two aerial photographs of my little homestead and one oil painting in my den. One photo was taken by the county for their records. It is an oblique angle that show fence lines, pastures, out buildings etc. etc. After we moved in, a company that produces paintings from these same photos contacted us to do business. My wife presented me with a stunning oil painting for my birthday of our property as it appeared before we bought the place.

But the best photo of our place came from the Russians. We live about 10 miles from a National Guard air base. I went to a web site that has all the public spy photos and there was our homestead, complete with target coordinates and other geographic information. I was so impressed I wrote the Russian Consulate about their excellent photographic resolution. The REAL kicker is that they sent me a reply, thanking me for my interest. Their letter is framed next to the photo. Gee, it's nice to know that SOMEBODY is thinking about you. :)


-- Craig Miller (, October 09, 2000.

craig, what is the web site? would love to take alook at it! thanks

-- renee oneill (, October 09, 2000.

Check out this website. Cool sat. images and arial photos. Try to find your property.

-- Scott (, October 09, 2000.

Speaking of helicopters, the National Guard does the usual searches here. This is the first year I've had horses, so when the Guard was flying in and out of our hills and valleys, I had to stay around the pasture all day to calm the horses. They flew at least eight to ten hours that day. Then, they showed up again the next day! I was so angry because the horses were running--again! I called the sheriff's office and complained about the helicopters running my horses, and the woman on the phone was so nice. Didn't even try to make me feel stupid for complaining, but she said there was nothing they could do. I mentioned trying to call the local Guard station, and she said that would probably make it worse. I thanked her. But you know what? They went away. Small place, and my husband is 1/3 of the medical care for the county.

-- Teresa (, October 09, 2000.

I just came back from a visit with my folks and met a man who was out with a cow that was calving at 2am and had a US Army helicopter set down and hold weapons on him asking what he was doing out there....he just mirrored the question back at them and told them to get off his land.

I have been buzzed and shined with a spotlight from a VERY quiet copter, and had my property line flown off by one. It's real comforting to know that the government cares so much for our welfare that they like to look in our windows and check the health of our animals when we aren't around, isn't it?

-- Doreen (, October 09, 2000.

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