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In my reply to the summons for possession of my property I had asked the Halifax to explain what a "Sundry Debit" of #4,703.84 on my account was for.

Nearly six months later I have now received the reply from the Halifax stating that; "The sundry debit of #4,703.84 represents the mortgage subsidy carried by the Halifax under the mortgage term in a case such as this. If default takes place this amount is added to the mortgage debt under the mortgage terms."

It makes one wonder how the Halifax such a debit could be described as "Sundry"! The explanation of why this debit has been applied is not at all clear to me and I have never been made aware in the past by the Halifax that this debit was likely to actioned.

I have repeatedly asked questions of the Halifax regarding my allegations of negligence by them in the Possession, Valuation and Marketing of the property. Their responses at times only seem to compound the allegations. They often fail to appreciate that I'm fully aware of my rights and that I obtain the facts when required.

So is there anyone that has experience of what a mortgage subsidy carried by a lender actually is in real world terms?

Incidentally I would like to take this opportunity to say, thank you publicly, to all those that have contacted me to give me support and information. I am very grateful as it has helped greatly in this stressful time.


-- Tony Hayter (, October 08, 2000

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